Bit-Tech: Global Agenda Review

Bit-Tech: "After the all-conquering, all-consuming success of World of Warcraft, the MMORPG gene pool has deteriorated into a pool of macrobiotic slime, from which game developers only seem capable of making bad clones of the Blizzard title. Fortunately though, there are signs of evolution as we enter 2010, and today we're looking at Global Agenda, an MMO that could only be labelled a WoW clone by someone who has dedicated their life to entirely missing the point."

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Myst3881d ago

Hmm, seems like a pretty fair review from my standpoint and I'm still considering whether or not I want to buy this. From the reviews so far including this one most are shooting it in the 6-8 range. So good, but not bust down the door to get good. Since it can be free to play I may as well get it so that I can have some MMO to play.