New Sega Rally Footage

Race over multiple surfaces on 1 track.

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PS360PCROCKS4137d ago

eh...dirt and Motorstorm are still way more impressive looking. Maybe it's just me?

Premonition4137d ago

Theres something about it that makes the game look to simple, might be that AI saying TURN LEFT TURN RIGHT, like a fake navigational system lol. And it seems theres not to many paths to take to out take your opponent, like in motostorm, I cant speak for DiRT since i havent played it.

PS360PCROCKS4137d ago

exactly...too fake. I am not all about realism but in a world where games are striving for realism this game from that video does not have any

God of Gaming4137d ago

Dirt does blow it away in every aspect. I love the style of dirt, very sharp and visually it blows this away. So does Motorstorm.. Sega certainly has always had that cheap arcade sound and all the little icons always look so blah...

Ill stick with Dirt...

Phlapp4137d ago

Its an out and out arcade racer! Thats what I love about it, and it doesn't try to be anything else.

If you are after realsim there are plenty of other choices out there, but if you want the best/most fun arcade racer then I think Sega Rally fits the bill.

I also think its pretty refreshing in this day and age where realism governs all aspects of all games that this games will stick to its arcade roots.

Perhaps this one is for the fans of the series only, but I for one can't wait for it to come out! **Remembers bleary late night sessions playing SR2 on the Dreamcast**

IQUITN4G4137d ago

Providing it matches the still very excellent original then i'll be happy.I agree that this wouldn't be the vid you show to someone trying to impress them.

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