CS Console War Battle Plan: Sony

It's like the Death Star of the video game consoles. The Sony Playstation 3 is a technological powerhouse: Blu-ray player, HD next-gen console, and multimedia center. On the surface, the PS3 promises to be the next big thing in electronics like the PC or MP3 Player. Announced at E3 2005 at the same time as Nintendo's Wii console, the Playstation 3 showed off flashy (If pre-rendered) movies with fantastic graphics, notably the talk of the show: Killzone 2. With the champion's belt from the last round, Sony is sitting in a nice position going into the console war. So much has happened since that E3. Will the Playstation 3 be a runaway success or a catastrophic failure?

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zypher6158d ago

couldn't agree with it more. now, if only Sony would take heed to it...?

RelloC6158d ago

Sony should read and take into consideration every single line of the article. If they did, I would be in that 3 a.m. line...

AuburnTiger6157d ago

I totally agree. Sony is definitely banking on blu ray and they need to get it in the publics eye like crazy if they want it to be a success. Also having the $600 price tag doesn't make the decision any easier, we're just gonna have to wait and see.

mikeeno76158d ago

There is something wrong with this. Read it again and it says that casual gamers are the majority that make the PS3 a success. That bit is ok. Then it says that hardcore gamers are being alienated and it is them which have the biggest hope of buying it. Contradicts itself right? Or is it something i'm missing?

Jaleel Boone6158d ago

Thank you everyone for the positive comments.

I said that Sony is banking so much on the casual gamer that they're alienating the hardcore. This strategy in theory should work, the casual gamer is the most important when it comes to industry sales. The problem here is that at $600, it may be too high to sell to the casual, and this is where the abandonment of the hardcore may come back to haunt them. Sony wants to turn the Playstation brand into a home appliance, and I believe they may have tryed a generation too soon.

somesonyguy6158d ago throws a little vaguery into play. Bottom line from the article is that Sony is banking on casual gamers to spend the 600 on a system that they intended to have the stats to wow the hardcore gamer. To blur the solid definition so that everyone casual and hardcore will buy it. Will it work? It's a shot in the dark at 500/600 bucks, but who knows? People spend hundreds of dollars to get a bottle of Crystal, and that just gets pissed out. You can't even watch a movie on that. I'll venture to guess that there will be plenty to keep gamers casual and hardcore alike looking for a PS3, maybe not until after a price drop, but still on their mind none-the-less.

DG6158d ago

Hopefully the PS3 doesent play/work like P!$$. Yeah Sony "work that @$$" for my $600 bucks.

ACE6158d ago

It's like the Death Star of the video game consoles.


we all know what happend to the death star dont we :) THATS WRIGHT IT GOT BLOWN UP LOL!!!!!!!!!!! AND IT WAS EVIL :)

mephixto6158d ago

Yeah but destroyed a planet called Alderan, maybe the PS3 Death Star will destroy the planet Xbox360. (Just a joke take it easy)

BOSS6158d ago

Ridggggggggge Raaaaaaaaaaaccceeeeeerrrrrrr.

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