World War II Levels In Bad Company 2?

CC: The ESRB rating for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 seems to reveal that the game starts with some missions set in World War II.

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tdrules3272d ago

God bless ESRB for providing spoilers...

mjolliffe3272d ago

I can't actually wait.

And I can't wait for another historic Call of Duty either XD

BattleAxe3272d ago

It would be cool if they were to add another couple of maps to BattleField 1943.

mrv3213272d ago

Give me D-DAY rush... that will be awsome.

dragonelite3272d ago

I like how you think Wolfenstein enemy territory had a omaha kind of level in multiplayer.

gameseveryday3272d ago

Will it be in the form of flashbacks?

mjolliffe3272d ago

You never know. It could be like one of Bad Company's ancestors or something.


narked3272d ago

that would be like inglorious basterds !!!!!!

sulack3272d ago

Assassins creed: Bad company?

zack613272d ago

Damn you ESRB for providing spoilers.

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The story is too old to be commented.