GamePro: UFC Undisputed 2010 Preview

GamePro writes: "When UFC Undisputed 2009 hit the GamePro offices in early May of last year, it managed to push Super Mario Strikers out of the top spot of "The Most Played Game" among the GamePro editors. We were initially enthralled with the chance to mangle one another's face in the octagon, but once reviews editor Tae Kim convinced us that we were overlooking the fighting engine's finer points (and as a result, he constantly took the top spot among the GamePro editors), we hunkered down and studied the system, ultimately learning that the game had one of the most sophisticated fighting systems of any game on the market. To push the series further, the developers at Yuke's Osaka (who created almost a decade's worth of WWE titles) are fine-tuning the craft of translating one of the most brutal fighting leagues into the interactive market."

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