Go! Gaming Giant's Wiikly WiiWare Wiiview: 5 In 1 Solitaire, Tumblebugs 2, and Tales of Monkey Island 5

From the review:

"Tumblebugs 2 is one of many ball-popping adventure games, a genre that surprisingly hasn't seen much action on the Wii despite its immense popularity on the PC. Of course, this work's greatly to its advantage because while it nearly drowns in the competition on the PC, it stands as one of the top contenders on the Wii. And rightly so because regardless of the number of competing titles, it is actually one of the better games available in this particular genre."

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Murgatroyd73178d ago

When will developers learn that card games are meant to be played with actual cards?!

Go Gaming Giant3178d ago

I like solitaire on my comp, but playing it with a controller would be a pain.

Mario Mergola3178d ago

Great wiikly wii report as always report as always

omicron0093178d ago

Tumblebugs 2 looks fun, but its pretty sad if you get a 2 with solitaire.

Murgatroyd73178d ago

Unfortunately, although Solitaire is fun, this game is a waste of time. You're so much better off playing one of the many free alternatives.

RaymondM3178d ago

yeah, solitaire doesn't sound like a big sell to me, since it comes free on any computer haha