What's On Your Killzone 3 Wish List???

Irish Gaming Site writes:

"Rumours of Killzone 3's existence are nothing new but more and more information on the web suggests that news of Killzone 3 is more forthcoming than we initially thought. So what could Guerrilla Games do to ensure that Killzone 3 improves on Killzone 2?!

Here's 10 suggestions.........."

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ghamdikh33175d ago


kevinx10003175d ago

Just like killzone 2 did, right? :P

The Killer3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

i.e. plants and snow and also water!!

i dont like dark game no matter how good is the game!! uncharted 2 FTW

Letros3175d ago

Enjoyed the first for the most part except this one thing.

captain-obvious3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

keep it as it is
just add things to it

2 ~ 4 online co-op
2 ~ 4 split screen multiplayer \ co-op
Online Vehicles
More maps and more multiplayer modes
A movie maker feature would be cool
Customizable online characters
more weapons and the ability to customize your weapons
I love a the ranking system in killzone2 but it would be better with a perks system

and what ever GG can innovate would be really cool

TheDudeAbides3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

First two YES, co-op and better story.
-less online trophies pls, and advertise the sh!t out of this game without overhyping it :)
-better maps, ppl were playing only on Radec

And I want to play as Helghast to kill the ISA scum ;]

OmegaSlayer3175d ago

I want First Person View always, even in vehicles, like in MW2 and BFBC2.
The switch from FP to TP ruins the immersion.

YoungKiller253175d ago

was ALWAYS in First Person view; what are you talking about?

darkmurder3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

Make the game fun, 2 had great graphics but just was pretty boring to play imo. Also get rid of the load screens while you're playing the game, just breaks the fluidity of FPS.

presto7173175d ago

1. Play as helghast in campaign.
2, Vehicles in Multiplayer

sikbeta3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

·2 Players Split-screen Co-op
·2-4 Players On-line Co-op
·Better Dialogues
·Some kind of Mini Game/Side Story in which I can Play as Helghast
·More Variety of Weapons and a BIGGER LASER-GUN lol
·Vehicles in MP Mode
·And More Robotos/Vehicles/Mechs/whateve r to Manipulate YEAH!!!
·I'm OK with the Story, so NO complaints

jammy_703175d ago

MORE colour
LONGER single player
CO - op
LITTLE better controls (more responsive)

thats it really.....

el_bandito3175d ago

- Campaign Coop - offline or online
- Longer single/coop player campaign
- Graphics in KZ2 was sweet, make it even sweeter
- Perhaps a new setting aside from the barren world of Helgan?
- No more choke points in multiplayer maps (I remember the Helgan spawn area in Radec Academy is really awful)
- More weapons/gadgets with customizable attachments
- More classes to choose from in MP
- No more boost + missile launcher

NecrumSlavery3175d ago

I want the next one to be story driven and focus on new locations.

Other than the amazing set pieces, let's get some more "WOW!" moments. Maybe infiltrating as a helghan soldier, or more vehicle battles.

Keep MP as it is but add a little more, perks instead of class-equiped tools would be cool. Or just give the ability to be able to have turrets, drones, tactictian spawners, etc all at the same time.

Killzone 3 - Please give some sort if co-op. Yeah its not needed, but friends really make shooters more fun. And please keep the controls. Even though people want sh1tty floaty gun controlling, don't get rid of the best and most realistic controls in FPSs. I loved that you actually felt your heavy armor and guns in KZ2.

Kappa Mikey3175d ago

How about a party system. Plz Plz

Fanb0y3175d ago

All the extra features Halo has.

Especially split screen co-op. Man, I think this is going the way of the dodo... I hope not.

Sky2513175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

- A good story that would make the campaign worth playing
- Kill off Rico, he is one of the most annoying characters in any game

Bungie3175d ago

Vehicles in Multiplayer
Co op
map editor
video capture like the one in Uncharted 2 and Halo 3
weather change in MP could be cool too

FrankenLife3175d ago

Give me something to do after I hit the level cap. Seriously, people got bored with it in mass after doing everything. More to do, and the chance to do it again would be nice.

More weapon options, while removing the Rocket lawn chair. crowds of people spamming that into other crowds of people who are spamming it back isn't fun.

FACTUAL evidence3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

1.) Have cross game invites like MW2 did for ps3.
2.) Be able to use the knife in Multi-player
3.) Have a variety of a certain gun (Example: sniper rifle, 4 different kinds, 4 different shot guns ect.)
4.) In game music during campaign mode. (I understand when developers do this, but after you've completed the games 5 times...cmon!!!! people will listen to music regardless so just add it.)
5.) customizable characters, and party system.
6.) FINALLY the BIG FINALE!! Online co-op campaign! (with hoppabale rooms so if someone jumps out someone can jump in at anytime.)

If KZ3 does all of that I'd be sooo greatful.

AKNAA3175d ago

1. let me carry more than 2 Guns.

2. How about some huge ugly mutated helgast(cause by not wearing their gas mask???) for more variety in enemies...

3. Longer campaign

OmegaSlayer3175d ago


when you enter the tank it's not in FP view.
Neither the cutscenes.

beavis4play3175d ago

i'd like to see more big battles like the "securing the courtyard" section near the end............some of the best SP combat i've ever played. also, make weapons like the "nail-gun" available for use in more levels........and more levels where you're engaging lots of helgast snipers!
but, whatever they do, i'm ready for more KZ action.

MTEC83175d ago

1. Party system
2. More weapons
3. Split screen online and off

ThanatosDMC3175d ago

256 multiplayer with KZ2 graphics.

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Darkeyes3175d ago

Flame war in the report section.. Wow thats new.

mrv3213175d ago

I love how metalgearrising can no longer comment thus must make his lunacy, idioticy and down right moronic statements in the report section

Gamers-1 Idiots-0

butterfinger3175d ago

from reporting for calling an article and author stupid once, so I really don't understand the blatant double standard at work here.

snowb4203175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

And that's CO-OP. Everything else is just a bonus, But I'd rather them not add vehicles. And in regards to Rico, I suspect he'll get court martialed or something, was a pretty big mistake he made.

Dead_Cell3175d ago

I can't see any of them getting off of Helghan.

theunknown3175d ago

I'm pretty sure we seen the same ending: the surviving ISA aren't going anywhere.