Mario & Bayonetta put Sega on the map

Sega released its investor reports earlier today, revealing the company's sales figures for the last nine months of 2009 and its outlook for 2010. The company's biggest boast comes in the form of two holiday titles already establishing solid sales figures. Bayonetta reached 1.1 million units in sales and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games sits at 5.67 million units.

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Hakimy3175d ago

"The former is impressive as that number doesn't include the US and European numbers since the game's localized launch in January"
I'm not sure if gamepro made a mistake here or not.The financial report says "US,Europe,Japan" while gamepro says that Bayonetta sold 1.1 million copies without including the US and Europe.Someone should clarify this.

qface643174d ago

i find that a little sad not the numbers the fact that sega needs mario to even be on the map