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My main criticism of the multiplayer in Aliens versus Predator is how powered or underpowered the species are. Aliens pretty much rule the field with no other holding much light to them, with the human marines being almost total cannon fodder. Only the Predators hold their own a bit and have an even match up with the Aliens if you make use of the view modes that they have. But overall, it is a solid multiplayer component that does well to give you an experience of the AvP universe.

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Slick3483179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Don't listen to him because the marine is the best one. I usually come in first when i was him, and i've been him alot. They really have to take off some aim assist tho, there's wayyyy too much. Don't care if some things move faster than others. If they want that they should only have it in unranked matches where u should be able to unlock things, it'll be easier to get kills but u level up slower. It's as simple as that. always making these games easy, it's sickening...

shaun mcwayne3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

this guy talks rubbish ive played the demo and had a 11 kill streak as a marine and 14 kill streak as predator i think each race is well balanced but im using turtle beach headset so i can hear aliens coming a mile off and the predators are always hanging around the weapon areas. i guess whoever wrote this played a game with each race once and wrote this tripe.

Slick3483179d ago

The game has it's flaws tho, for that stealth kill sh*t they need to fix it. Put in button sequences or something or at least allow u to be saved on team deatmatch if the guy dies before he stabs u.