First Aliens vs Predator review surfaces from Game Informer: Ouch? 5.75

Game Informer have taken the time to play the new Aliens vs Predator game, and apparently they aren't too happy with it. Awarding it an abysmal 5.75/10.

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Johandevries4112d ago

Where is the Rebellion I have made love to, a long time ago?

zagibu4111d ago

Yeah, sad affair. Oh, well, I guess we'll unbury AvP2 for our next LAN-party.

Johandevries4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

.. see more reviews first though

Except for some nice cover stories, Game Informer sucks anyway. They don't even mention the PC version in the scan. And remember, Aliens vs Predator has one HUGE PC heritage.

deadpoole4112d ago

I seriosuly Got no clue ... Game Informers must be shroomin. This game requires skills to play.

-Marine: Simply scary and exhilirating expereince u can get playin this game ... Predators and Aliens jumpin at you from no where. You got to be good and I mean really really good with aiming, otherwise yr survival will be impossible. I play using marine specie and usually acquire 1 or 2 place in most matches. Unreal Tournament is what best describes its gameplay example.

-Predator: Stealthy ... hiding at top locations and overviewing whats happening below. Shoulder cannon simply kills enemies in instant. Big jump feature is simply amazing get behind enemies and rip their head off.

-Aliens: I've seen people playing with aliens ... u can't kill Alien at all if you know how to play with this specie. Ive seen Aliens running into next corridor and literally disappearing out of yr sight and next thing u know being stabbed from back.

I swear to GOD ... Ive played game demos and this by far entertains me alot, it gives me a fresh experience.

young juice4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

didn't rebellion promise this game wouldn't be another 'rogue warrior' or 'shellshock 2'.

Blaze9294112d ago

KIND of expected scores like this...

Bungie4112d ago

yeah, the demo wasn't all that special IMO

UnwanteDreamz4112d ago

I am still on the fence. I will go home tonight and download the demo.

DirtyLary4112d ago

Agree it is below average at best.

Gameplay feels like I'm in an old Quake 3 arena. Just run around in circles around the map. Try to get behind someone first and hit the blue button for that insta kill. I was soo bored after a match or two.

Raz4112d ago

The demo is strictly multiplayer, and it's a ghost town. Couldn't even play it. You may be logged in for hours before you find others to play with; I didn't bother waiting that long.

Why is this franchise inevitably butchered? It could have been the next Starcraft.

PoSTedUP4112d ago

i dont listen to reviews anymore. they gave army of two 40th day a 6.50 and i totally disagree with that. it sounded like they don't know how to play games.

im starting to see a trend by me buying underrated/unpopular games and having the most fun with them. a game dosen't have to be AAA for me to really like and enjoy it.

reaferfore204112d ago

Army of 2 wasn't as good as I thought it'd be granted I only played the demo. The cover system was too annoying for me IMO. I loved the customization of the guns tho.

SilentNegotiator4112d ago

Wow, and Game Informer usually isn't very harsh, either...

TheDeadMetalhead4112d ago

Shellshock 2 was Strike One.
Rogue Warrior was Strike Two.
This is Strike Three.

RIP Rebellion

ShadowRyuX4112d ago

the review community as a whole has become a lot more harsh in its scoring since 2010. I think this may be in part to the huge surge of games and the poor economy. So instead of giving a 9 to everything that is somewhat playable, they will be giving 6s, like it should have been from the start.

IrishAssa4112d ago

I love the demo now, maybe because im owning people, last game I got a 17 killstreak with Predator. Won a match with Marine by 6 points and with Alien by 3 points.

I can't believe im playing death match so much, I normally hate DM and probably won't play it again when the full game is out.

Teabag4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

If the demo is anything to go by, then this really is quite a poor game.

The graphics are most definitely last gen, and even that it being generous. I thought I was playing Doom on the PS1.

Now graphics aren't everything, but there is a level that you come to expect and it is too jarring when they are so below par.

Of course, the more important thing is gameplay. But again, this gameplay might have been fine 10 years ago, but now it is such a massive step back from what you would expect in a FPS to be laughable.

Even though I wasn't hopeful after seeing a couple of gameplay videos, I was still keen to download the demo - but was heavily disappointed.

It's a shame because the basic concept is very good, but the implementation is simply too poor.

One thing that a game like this does do, is make you realise that it really must take a lot to make a good FPS (or any other game). I dumped the AVP demo and went on to BFBC2, which is a world apart in every sense.

I don't know if the difference is talent, or money/resources, or something else - but if a team of experienced professionals can make AVP, then it just goes to show how the teams that make BFBC, MW, MAG and KZ really are amazing.

darthv724112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I think Sega should try and remake the one for the Atari Jaguar. I really liked that one from back then. I actually tried playing it again recently and aside from the look, it plays like crap (super slooooowwwww). A revamp of that one would be nice on psn/live

The multiplayer in this one looks to be such fun though. Shame on the score but it deserves a try.

PoSTedUP4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

graphics aren't as bad as you were saying, last gen? me and my friend played for about 30 mins and had so much fun that we came to the conclution that we are getting it day one.

it is unique. it follows what AVP is all about, as a huge preditor and AVP fan they did everything right in this game. playing as an alien is real crazy you can bite heads off and crap, stick the dude in the eye with your tail etc. climb on walls and make noises to confuse people. preditor has a whole boat load of cool weapons and features too, you really feel like the preditor its badass, everything is on point.

i can't wait to play the story line 3 different ways also, this is just my take on the game from the demo and to compare it graphically the graphics are better than MAG's (not to say mag is a bad game) but better than mags and not as good graphically as bfbc2.

it is something different and i am not going to miss out on any more good fun games like this, i have been doing that for 5 years bc of listining to reviews and the media. rent it bc you might like it and be glad that you did.

Bnet3434112d ago

I predicted 6's and 7's after playing the demo.

JBaby3434112d ago

Graphics aren't terrible but they're not UC2 either. The MP gives an interesting twist because of the differences in the characters you can play. I have high hopes for playing the SP in 3 different ways.

All in all this score seems a bit low.

Ravage274112d ago

this is one of those games that tries something different and i REALLY hate to see it fail.

Rockox4111d ago

I'm a huge Aliens fan, so no bad reviews are going to prevent me from picking this game up. I just hope I like it.

FragGen4110d ago

Based on the PS3 demo not even working on release, and it being handled by SEGA who have boned other PS3 stuff, I'm guessing this'll be a trainwreck on consoles (or maybe just the PS3). If I do pick this up I may wait for a sale on Steam and go PC instead of the 360 or PS3 for this title.

I'm glad I didn't get sucked in on a pre-order for this... I still have the original PC game and it was EPIC at the time so I almost impulse pre-ordered when I first saw it announced.

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IrishAssa4112d ago

Seems kind of weird, the review, Sound-would be good if motion tracker wasn't going off the whole time? Sound is great and only one class has the tracker. Replay-low? It has Mp it should atleast be medium replay value when single player games get alright replay value.
No focus on MP which is the biggest selling point too, most previews say the Mp is good

IrishAssa4112d ago

Can't edit -- It seems like he's pissed that it isn't Call of Duty

Adexus4112d ago

The review itself is terrible and short, he basically just says everything is crap without giving specific reasons why, I will wait for other reviews to come in although I never rely on reviews and I'm loving the demo at the minute.

ryuzu4112d ago

Not sure why this discussion of MAG/BFBC2 is here but whatever lol

OK, AvP is looking a bit poor which is a shame since there is a cool game in this IP somewhere...

MAG I've played about 30 hours of - it's v. good.

BFBC2 I did PS3 beta, now PC beta and PS3 demo. It doesn't seem that good unfortunately. I have the PC version on pre-order but I think I'll cancel - I don't think I'll play it enough to bother with.

Problem with BFBC2 is big maps and not enough people in them even in the full game. MAG doesn't have this problem lol.

As for graphics - yeah the destructable env is nice to have in BFBC2 despite its limitations - other than that the graphics are only OK and use a lot of lighting effects to mask poor texturing. Overall I'd say they're about on par with MAG once you take the HDR/Bloom effects out of the equation - in exchange you get 256 players in MAG and a better game too.

And no proning in BFBC2 - what is this 2000?

Not a popular opinion I guess but there you go. If you've only got a 360... well sorry 'bout that you're SOL, just get BFBC2.


Ravage274112d ago

the maps are a lttle too big for the player count imo

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Chnswdchldrn4112d ago

wow this game does not deserve a 5.75 outa [email protected] 10...what are they thinking?

seems like the reviewer was either playing it on console or just plain sucked at it, very un-fair review.

VileAndVicious4112d ago

After that fiasco of a review they did for MAG Im not inclined to believe anything they say. From my brief time with just the multiplayer free for all demo it seemed pretty good. It harkened back to the old FPS era for me... no auto aim assist or looking down the sights I enjoyed it. But seriously both IGN and GameInformer can kiss my a$$.

Two-Face4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

MAG is a bad game.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is much better, and they both are about tactics and teamwork.

VileAndVicious4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

I actually just played the BBC2 demo and I have to say I was not all that impressed(And by the way the graphics are pretty damn bad). MAG is an excellent game and Ive had countless hours of entertainment with it so far and I do not regret buying it. MAG may not be YOUR cup of tea or you just haven't actually played it I get that. But surely sir it does not suck.

About a month ago I was sure I would buy BBC2 too in March; now I know I Definitely will not be. Its just a game (that in some respects is good. Especially cool that you can blow sh!t up) that is seriously over hyped. I actually traded in my copy of MW2 becuase (now I cant stand it)I thought BBC2 would be the second coming. Silly me for jumping on the hype train =)
Of course all of this is subjective and merely my opinion (as all reviews are) and my thoughts are reflected through my experiences.

Two-Face4112d ago

You say that the graphics are pretty bad, but the graphics are much bettar than MAG.

If BF: BC2 graphics are bad, then MAG graphics must be pretty much horrible.

OpenGL4112d ago

Isn't this in the same issue where they give Battlefield: Bad Company 2 a 9.5? Funny how they would award a game that is trying so desperately to be like Call of Duty such a high score. I personally was turned off by the Bad Company 2 demo and enjoyed the PC AvP demo quite a bit, but I suppose we'll have to wait for more reviews and the final game.

@ 3.3
Yeah, I thought the graphics were absolutely awful on the console versions of Bad Company 2 due to the lack of anti-aliasing. They need at least 2x anti-aliasing, as right now the jaggies make the game unbearable.

Two-Face4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )


Bad Company 2 is nothing like MW2.

Bad Company 2 has destructible enviroments. Check.
Bad Company 2 has plenty of vehicles. Check.
Bad Company 2 has heavy feel, when it comes to controls. Check.
Bad Company 2 has much bigger maps, and it focuses heavenly on strategy and teamwork. Check.

Dumbest thing I have ever heard.

beans4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

Haven't played MAG to judge it but BAD COMPANY 2 after playing the demo really didn't grab me like part 1. Good game but just not for me.

OpenGL4112d ago

Okay, calling it a Call of Duty imitator may have been a bit unfair, but the game simply feels like a step backwards after having played Battlefield 2 for years. Quasi-destructible environments don't do it for me when every other aspect of the game is inferior to their previous PC installments.

reaferfore204112d ago

I played mag until level 7 last night then moved to the BC demo. I can honestly say I had more fun playing MAG. One more level till I can play with 255 other people!!!!

BattleAxe4112d ago

MAG isn't a bad game, but I am personally looking forward to BF:BC2. To whoever said that BF:BC2 has bad graphics, are you sure you played the demo? The graphics are a bit better than MW2, but not as good as Uncharted or Killzone2.

IrishAssa4112d ago

I don't MAG is a great game but it is worth the buy, it's fun and your never looking for anyone to shoot, there's always someone, Bad Company 2 is just like the first and it is boring me now, Battlefield 2 is the king of those games IMO, it's just brillant, 64 players is enough, it had jets and everything.

VileAndVicious4112d ago

BBC2 graphics in single player are quite good your right, however in multiplayer they are pretty horrible. The down scale is VERY noticable. Standing far away from objects you might not notice it. But as you move closer to walls you'll notice the textures are off, everything gets jaggy, even the foliage looks like a paper cut out. They aren't the worst Ive seen but the point I was trying to make earlier is that in all these reviews of MAG everyone states the the graphics are horrendous and shameful. But at the same time they are just as comparable if not better than the graphics in BBC2. Conversely once the reviews for BBC2 start pouring in Im sure they will negate to mention any of this.

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