Overlord: "The Forge" Trailer

Want to know how to create weapons that can slay a troll king or armor that can stop a dragon's breath? Find out how in the latest trailer from Codemasters' Overlord; "The Forge." Learn how your minions can help you create items for your quest to be evil (or really evil!). Use your minions tactically and these evil little comrades will always be there for their master, ready to sacrifice themselves and their lives in servitude to the Overlord.

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razer4134d ago

Took a bit to get used to the left bumper to move the camera but once I got the hang of it the game rocks! This is definately on my list to pick up the day it comes out.

ThisIsWaiting4134d ago

I liked the demo alot ... I liked being able to control minions ... I liked that you start off as a badass, and just become more badass as you play lol

I also like that the game dosent take itself too seriously, and I really like the dry humor, its very fitting.

Diselage4134d ago

Pending how the MP is this may just be a rental, it sucks but with all the other awesome games theres just not enough growing on the money tree this fall.

ThisIsWaiting4134d ago

lol ... this is on my Gamefly que. Im patient enough to get it mailed to me, then if I think it has some legs beyond the single player, click 'Keep it'