Natural Selection 2: Very first Gameplay Vid released

PC Games published a very first gameplay video of Natural Selection 2. (pre alpha footage)

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Obama3203d ago

I really like the first one. The video shown here is pre-alpha, so I am not surprised that it's not polished enough. Still have anticipation for this game.

TK4213203d ago

I hope someone makes another combat mod.

Letros3203d ago

This game is going to be so much fun!

DirtyLary3203d ago

Follow the Devs on Facebook. You'll get alot of info and videos like this one.

lucifon3203d ago

Great to finally see the game running. Certainly looks like it needs work but thats to be expected from pre-alpha. Whats there is definitely looking good :) Can't wait!

ZombieNinjaPanda3203d ago

Why are their eyes in their mouths..?

DirtyLary3203d ago

Style, unique perspective. They are aliens after all, use your imagination.

Letros3203d ago

It's an indie dev, there's not $50 Million backing it, its privately funded, and will cost $20. The last $20 indie titles I bought were Torchlight and Killing Floor, I have over 70 hours logged on Killing Floor.

necksnappa3203d ago

the first one is soo fun and addicting and original. i still play it. i have mine pre ordered.

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