Man grooms boys over WoW using in-game gold

"According to the charges, the man had a significant amount of 'gold' in the game, which can be used to upgrade a player's strength or abilities. He allegedly offered the boys gold in exchange for the pictures, which in some instances involved live webcam videos of masturbation."

-Copenhagen Post

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MerkinMax3174d ago

It looks like your avatar is saying that. Random, I know.

SilentNegotiator3174d ago

Ewww.....this guy must have had TERABYTEs of child pornography. What a FREAK.

Lemmiwinks3174d ago

like did they know he was a guy like i was thinking maybe the story would explain that the guy pretended to be a hot 20 year old female lol. and is there that many confused and stupid danish teenAgers on wow....and if this was in the states or canada this guy would be f#cked

LoVeRSaMa3173d ago

Id be tempted to send pictures for gold on a game tbh :D

FishCake9T43173d ago

Lol. Lemiwinks how can you say that when you take adventures in Gay mens asses.
But on a serious note this is sickening.

The Killer3173d ago

when u let the devils rule u/when u follow what they say

FACTUAL evidence3173d ago

I told bungie to leave those little boys alone! Guess this is what happens when you play MMO's after a hardcore match of halo.

clonerz3173d ago

this is why children shouldnt have pc in there rooms and fo sure no way no how have access to any type of camera that can be used for pc kids these days are exposed to way to much stuff that can be prevented if parents would keep the pc in the family room and restrict access to it.

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The Killer3173d ago

no wonder the suicide rate over there is high!!

Myst3174d ago


Those kids must be really addicted to WoW if they are going to go that far for gold...

Cueil3174d ago

Aren't the kids getting charged for child prostitution?

The Killer3173d ago

live in different world which some devils created for them so suck their lives and their mind and their souls!!

do anyone think a faithful believer of God will do such things??

madpuppy3174d ago

The low life pervert or the stupid moron kids.

A Cupcake for Gabe3174d ago

the parents of the cho-mo and idiot kid

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The story is too old to be commented.