PSP Remote for Crysis

Video shows PSP Remote for Crysis. This project will let you use your PSP as control system for Crysis in Cross-Media-Play manner. If you want to play together with a friend, you can play Crysis Wars and he will assist you during your play on the PSP by changing the suitmenus if it is needed, will reload for you and more!

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llMurcielagoll3229d ago

That is a pretty good idea. Would be better if it was wireless though instead of plugging the USB every time.

darkmurder3229d ago

Seems pretty dumb to me, much quicker using the superior mouse and keyboard.

Theonik3228d ago

Did you even read what this is?
It is for changing suit modes.

Letros3229d ago (Edited 3229d ago )

Seriously, WTF, this has to be the most retarded idea I have ever seen, not to mention a waste of time.

A: Dude, I wish my Playstation could play Crysis.
B: You can play with me, help me reload, it will be fun!
A: Wow this is fun, I hope Crysis 2 will be just like this open world sandbox style gameplay.
B: Don't count on it, but hey you can always come over and play "co-op" with me.

LostCypher113229d ago

Meh this Gimmick won't sway me to play this on my PS3. Crysis should only be played on a PC

Theonik3228d ago

Read what this is first...
It is a mod to use the PSP to change suit modes on crysis wars.
Pointless yes but it has nothing to do with the PS3.

likedamaster3229d ago

Why would someone ever consider this, a ds3/Xbox360 controller is better not to mention m&kb.