RPGs dominate Japanese sales charts, PS3 version of EoE/RoF manhandling 360 version

"With role-playing games claiming the first two overall spots and six of the top ten, buying RPGs was obviously the hip thing to do in Japan this past week." - RPGLand

Madis0075179d ago

Games selling best:

Japan = RPG games
Europe = Sport and Race games
USA = FPS games

Best selling consoles:

Japan = Wii and PS3
Europe = PS3
USA = Xbox 360

The Meerkat5179d ago

Has Mass Effect 2 not been released in Japan?

Or is it just because Mass Effect doesn't feature under dressed children?

Lucreto5179d ago

ME2 is not out in Japan yet. I don't even think they have a date st yet.

ME sold about 30,000 nits in Japan so it won't effect sales much.

In fact the way people make fun of JRPGs the Japanese make fun of WRPGs in equal fashion.

Nihilism5179d ago

"Japanese make fun of WRPGs in equal fashion"

What for exactly?, I'm yet to see any androgynous characters or connotations of pedophilia or incest in a WRPG. So if a finger if being pointed by the japanese, it needs to be at themselves.

BISHOP-BRASIL5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

I guess it's more like:

Japan: stupid minigames
Europe: stupid minigames
EUA: stupid minigames


Japan: Wii
Europe: Wii
EUA: Wii

Not that it's that much relevant anyway...

EDIT: EUA (Estados Unidos da America) is just USA in portuguese, my bad...

EDIT2: @dchalfon

Yeah man! Because their culture is simple wrong and yours is right! Right?

Enjoy your overly muscled machos on the screen while they rip someone's guts out just for the sake of seeing it...

EDIT3: I'm on a roll of this hiccups today... It was supposed to be an answer to dchalfont, not you Lucreto, I did read the wrong name, I actually agree with you, JRPGs are still much relevant in the culture they have spamed from.

I need some sleep!

Lucreto5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

I think you may have misundertood me.

I was stating that the Japanese make fun of WRPGs for different reasons. I believe it was a reaction to Bioware's comment on JRPGs.

I never said they my culture was right or anything to that effect. I just said it works both ways.

I prefer JRPGs over WRPGs. Mass Effect, Dragon Age or Fallout 3. I usually get addicited to my RPGs but with those 3 I completed and have not looked back. I have around 120 hours on FF X and 100 on FF XII.

edit @bishop-br above: No worries

sikbeta5179d ago

ME2 in Japan = Nothing, NOT Downplaying the Game but a WRPG for Japan Is a SHOOTER with RPG Elements and even if they get interested for the Game, they'll go for the PC Version

Shinro5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

I don't know if people actually realize this but the majority of JRPGs, if not all, are labeled T (Teen) while WRPGs are labeled M (Mature). JRPGs often, if not always, feature young characters; while WRPGs have middle-aged characters.

It's quite obvious that JRPGs are targeted towards young folks---middle school kids to high school kids.

Maybe it's because the majority of gamers in Japan (who plays RPGs) are young people that this types of games are more appealing to them, while American gamers (who plays RPGs) are probably older people and prefer more mature games intended for their age group.

It's not that WRPGs are not well-liked in Japan, it's just that it doesn't target the majority of their RPG gamers.

JonnyBadfinger5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

You mean targeted at the pedos...

Never herd of this game until now...

but from what i see it looks pretty f***ing s***.

seriously who the f*** watches anime, let alone a anime video game rpg. The only anime i watched as a kid was Pokemon and Dragon Ball, but come on who didnt?

JRPGs to me have the worst gameplay on the planet, Final Fantasy is the biggest example of why i hate them. Its gameplay resemble the tactics used in the American civil wars and fight for Independence. Everyone takes their turn at shooting or hurtin each other... almost as gay as wrestling.

PS i heard they stopped making Dragon Ball... why?

Simon_Brezhnev5179d ago


I see why you have 2 bubbles lol. I watch anime and im pretty sure a lot of people on N4G do. I usually like JRPs but this one dont impress me. After playing The Witcher i think every RPG coming out should be Action RPG unless its tactical.

vhero5179d ago

Do we need more proof bringing out JRPG's exclusive to 360 is a stupid idea? Even on MS backing you will probably lose money. This is obviously a no brainer and only fanboys will hit disagree with me here. This is also why S-E never released FF13 in Japan even they knew this and this is the first multi-platform JRPG game released in Japan to prove the point anyway.

OGharryjoysticks5179d ago

Just wait...it's going to get worse. Now that everybody in Japan who owns a 360 has just bought the game, 360 sales numbers next week will disappear while PS3 sales drop but still show something in the 30,000's.

Rush5179d ago

There's like 4 PS3's for every 360 in Japan so yeah duh...

Mike134nl5179d ago

who would have thought that

Reibooi5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )


I think your logic is greatly flawed. The RPG's in Japan are not normally targeted at a certain age group. The reason characters are younger is it's a cultural difference. People in Japan like to see a young hero rise above their problems and do what they need to do. This is why Nier in Japan has a young looking protagonist and in the US Nier is a roided out old man.

I am WELL past my high school days and still prefer JPG's. The stories are often times better and the characters are often times more appealing. Sure I loved Mass Effect but I would prefer a J-RPG over that game. I find it funny that in WRPG's in which you make your own character you can never make one that looks good. For example it being impossible to create a character in Oblivion that doesn't look like they are 40+ years old. Even MORE so if you choose to play a female character. I'm sure plenty of 20 something women wanna be running around playing a 40+ year old character it makes PERFECT sense.

A good list for why Japan doesn't like W-RPG's.
1) Character design read what I said above.
2) Generic storyline. Mass Effect being the exception every W-RPG has a generic story of go save the king or rescue the kingdom blah blah we have done it a million times before.
3) More and more W-RPG's are first person and Japan does not like first person games. examples are Fall Out 3 and Oblivion.

Bottom line. They don't market RPG's in Japan to certain age groups. They make the game they wanna make and more often then not it ends up as a T game.However this is not always the case. Most of the games in the SMT universe are rated M and most if not all of them focus on high school characters and in the case of Persona the setting is actually that of a highschool. The dislike of some US gamers against J-RPG's and vice versa is based on cultural difference.

Bodyboarder_VGamer5179d ago

Things are more like:

US = Wii, X360
Japan = Wii, PS3
Europe = Wii, PS3

US = any genre that includes lots of action
Japan = jrpg
Europe = racing games

But the biggest market and the one that has the highest game sales is US though.

TotalPS3Fanboy5179d ago (Edited 5179d ago )

Johnny is right. If he thinks that no one watches anime, then it is true. Because the world works according to how Johnny thinks. Heck, all those disagrees proves that everybody agrees with Johnny.

JonnyBadfinger5179d ago

Thanks buddy... i knew you would understand.

This is actually my world your living in believe it or not. And my opinion is the only one which counts.

every disagree shows the ammount of incest and rape loving pedos on N4G... sorry but thats just fact.

And did you just use the word "heck"? how old are you 12? then i can understand you watching anime, since your balls are yet to drop.

and now I await my ban

Odin7775179d ago

Jonny Badfinger, you are officially ignored. ha ha You annoying bloke.

ssipmraw5179d ago (Edited 5178d ago )

get out of our multicultural country you racist F*CK!
and if you dont like asians quit f*cken sleeping with them!

TotalPS3Fanboy5178d ago (Edited 5178d ago )

"Thanks buddy... i knew you would understand."

I am open minded like that.

"This is actually my world your living in believe it or not. And my opinion is the only one which counts."

Of course, in turn, your world is actually just the dream of a butterfly sleeping somewhere in the world.

"every disagree shows the ammount of incest and rape loving pedos on N4G... sorry but thats just fact."

If that is what you think, then you will have no choice but to embrace it. Embrace it alllllllll over your face.

"And did you just use the word 'heck'? how old are you 12? then i can understand you watching anime, since your balls are yet to drop."

Trash talking on the internet doesn't give you balls. Trash talking in real life gets you kill. Trash talking isn't the answer and isn't important. The important thing is, what is the question?

"and now I await my ban"

We all await your ban. But remember this, no matter how hard life is, you are not alone. You are never alone. There's help out there. I may not be able to help you today, but I hope that I have at least given you hope to live longer. I wish you luck.

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ghamdikh35179d ago


xaviertooth5179d ago

lol! of course

(1) it's not a shooter
(2) there's no master chef
(3) no marcus fenix
(4) characters has no muscle.

further confirming 360 users don't buy games where these are no big guns.

Karooo5179d ago

it will sell more games, how is this news anyways?

in US 360:PS3 = 2:1 360 sells more games double the install base have you ever seen 360 fans making fun of ps3 games for not selling as much as 360 version in the US?

yeah they never do... dont they? ........ wait a minute :O


Aside from all the time? Not even once!

Now the cool thing is that you don't see PS3 owners combining Europe and Asia, or how most of the games still sell more on PS3 worldwide, despite USA... I think they compensate that by trowing every now and then the 'Publishers make more money of me' card.

Fanboys like to fight over who is losing more money, one consumer or the other! Isn't that grand?

yippiechicken5179d ago

"Aside from all the time? Not even once!"