Bad Company 2: Impressive Frag Movie

Videogameszone published an impressive Frag Video of Battlefield: Bad Company 2.(PS3 Demo)

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CernaML3177d ago

This is the greatest thing I have ever seen in a FPS.

Noctis Aftermath3177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Eh some good use of the tank and UAV but other then that it's nothing special.

Best game i've played was when i was an attacker(was using sniper class) with 15 kills and 5 deaths, i changed to a medic with the shotgun and went on a rampage getting 12 kills and then we won the game, i finished with a Kill to Death ratio of 5.40 i just wish i could of recorded it cause i know i'll never be that good again.

UnwanteDreamz3176d ago

I freaking can't wait for this to drop. Day 1 - I'll be shooting you all in da face.

DavidMacDougall3176d ago

Neither was your story, that last kill with the building was really good.

MAR-TYR-DOM3176d ago

first day purchase




bruddahmanmatt3176d ago

So full of win I am at a lost for words. BC1 was a great game but DICE took what they learned from the first installment, applied the necessary changes to it's sequel and then cranked the boom factor up to 11. Day one purchase for sure.

Noctis Aftermath3176d ago

@david: While i agree my story wasn't great(i've since gone on to do better several times), it would certainly be alot better to watch then this video which is edited alot to show the person(s) getting kills and doesn't show much skill, unlike yourself i am not impressed by average kills which most of this video is comprised of.

SilentNegotiator3176d ago

I must remember this entertaining technique :)

coolcole933176d ago

Here's one me and my friend made earlier :)

DavidMacDougall3176d ago

You still talking? It don't matter.

Ghostsmoker3176d ago

Can't stop playing the demo.

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-Alpha3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Enjoying the demo a ton.

Couple things:

-I don't like the fact that the defending team can damage their own stations with explosives, though I don't mind the fact that the attackers can

-Spotting is much too easy and really takes away the skill of spotting players manually. It needs to be attainable in smaller intervals, maybe once every 20 seconds

-I want to see my health. A little silly that I can see other people's health and not my own-- especially since health is regenerative. When I land on medic packs I can't even tell if I'm healed all the way or not

-Does anyone like the fact that they removed the other class? (Demolitions or Spec ops I think it was)

Also, I am 100% confident that this will blow MW2 out of the water, however in all honesty they are not comparable games, despite the fact that I see many comparisons. For example, People spit on CoD's "small maps" but that's a design choice.

I am looking at BC2 and am actually pretty surprised how much is backed with this horse.

To be perfectly honest BC2 doesn't do anything leaps and bounds better than BC1, and it does emulate MW in many ways (regenerating health, hardcore mode, etc).

I have a problem with none of this but there is such a strong hate towards MW2 that people are really looking for other FPS'. MW2 doesn't have the hold that CoD4 did and the internet has moved on with MAG and BC2 (though in actuality MW2 is still heavily played-- remember that the internet only makes up a whiny minority).

I'm very happy for the amount of hype going into BC2. DICE is delivering, and I am glad people seem to be somewhat open minded towards this FPS that clearly isn't COD.

Not to say anything is wrong with COD in general, I love both games for their own attributes (MW2 included, but to a much lesser extent than CoD4).

ATi_Elite3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I usually agree with you but in this case MW2 is a piece of Sh*t.
I can't wait for BFBC2 to come out.
MW2 has good graphics but after that everything else about this game
says For No0bs only. MW2 is for casual gamers. there is nothing hardcore about it. Not to mention all the fricking ways to hack and throw the game out of balance. No DEDICATED SERVERS!

Not too mention a series that started on the PC for a developer to basically port some 360 crap over. OH that's a big No no.

DICE made a version special for the PC, that's all I got to say.
1st day purchase for me. I'm even calling off work for this.
Battlefield Bad Company 2 No0bs need not to apply

-Alpha3176d ago

I actually agree with that. MW2 is truly a piece of crap... compared to CoD4.

See, I think CoD4 was such a great game and I expected SO much more from IW.

Notice that I said I enjoy both COD and BF for their attributes, but not MW2, more so COD4 which was very enjoyable.

I usually hate when people say CoD or Halo is for noobs, because it isn't and realism isn't a factor in games. It's hilarious how people rag on CoD for not being realistic. It's a video game, it's supposed to be fun first and foremost.

However, in regards to MW2 I have no problem with people calling it "noob friendly" because it truly is a game that is accessible beyond belief. They basically threw away their hardcore fans and decided to make the game more casual. That truly is what happened and there is no way around it.

Again, MW2 and BFBC2 are two different games so there really shouldn't be comparisons from a design standpoint, but I am fully behind BFBC2.

I'm done with the BS from IW. They had their chance and they missed it.

SpaceFox3176d ago

I completely agree. Although MW2 is enjoyable a bit, it was never as good as COD4 and to me it's not even as fun as the first Bad Company. BC2 will blow it out of the water, and hopefully set a new standard. Yes they are completely different games and the gameplay shouldn't be compared, but BC2 has a lot more quality to it and IMO it's just a lot more fun.

Erotic Sheep3176d ago

Gentlemen.. we're looking at the FPS of 2010! And throwing Jamiroquai was just epic win!

happy_gilmore3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

but this game seriously looks fugly and i seems that i'm the only one that can see that. jaggies galore, pop-ups, low res texture, characters aren't even detail enough. the only thing this game has is a steady framerate and solid sounds, which is not really impressive since MAG can do the same with 256 players.

yeah, gameplay is fun at first but it gets old fast. and what's the difference again between this and the one that came out just 1 and half years ago?

goflyakite3176d ago

Don't make judgment from a video.

kevinx10003176d ago

yes, there is something wrong with your eyes.

BannedForNineYears3176d ago

With that,
MW 2 < BF BC 2.

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