AppSmile: Durak 2.0 Multiplayer Review


Replay value comes mainly from the multiplayer aspect of the game, as you can chat with and play against people from around the world. The game itself is quite fun, but once you get the hang of it, playing against the AI can get a bit boring. Win/loss stats are maintained for both Single Player and Multiplayer modes, so you can play to better your own stats. Online play offers leaderboards that indicate your rank and show how many games you won compared to others. You can create buddy lists and host private games with your friends, which is a great feature. You maintain your own profile and can even send push notifications to invite others to play. In all, the game is a lot of fun and pretty easy to get into. The $4.99 price tag is a touch high and likely poses the greatest barrier of entry for app store gamers, which in turn can affect the availability of online wi-fi players. We found Durak to be a solid 4-Dimple treat.

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