Teletext: Mass Effect 2 Review

Teletext writes: "It's easy to slip into hyperbole when describing this game, which may seem odd given the solid but flawed original.

But the truth is all of BioWare's role-players - from Knights Of The Old Republic to Dragon Age: Origins follow the same basic structure and set-up."

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Wii360BeatsPS33177d ago

The mako was good too.It was only flawed because the 360 hardware wasn't able for the game, which is ahead of its time. Mass effect remains one of the best games ever made. This sequel is flawed as it strips out a lot of RPG elements that worked in the original.

NaiNaiNai3177d ago

actually it was the game itself.

T_T I mean come on, pointless loading elevators.

PirateThom3177d ago

Were the elevators really worse than the random repeating screens in the sequel?

NaiNaiNai3177d ago

don't ask me, I haven't gotten to play the second one yet.

I just know those elevators were annoying.

personally I think the first one was great. only issue I ever had was texture pop in.

SaberEdge3177d ago

I love both games, but the second game is definitely the more polished of the two. The only thing that seems like a step back is the amount of anti-aliasing. ME2 seems to have no anti-aliasing, whereas the first game seemed to have at least 2x MSAA. Oh well, if that is the price to have no screen tearing and a much smoother frame rate then it was a well worthwhile trade-off.

callahan093177d ago

I didn't like the Mako exploration parts of the original and I don't particularly like the planet scanning parts in the sequel. I wouldn't mind the planet scanning parts so much if every cluster had a fueling depot, but instead you have to buy fuel and probes, then go to a cluster and start scanning, then when you run out of probes you have to use your fuel to get back to a cluster with a fueling station, buy more fuel and more probes, then go back to the cluster with the planets your were scanning, THAT is very tedious, I don't know why the game makes you go through all of that when it should just let me stock up on as many probes as I want to buy so that I don't have to do all that back and forth crap just to scan planets.

And I preferred the elevator ride in the Normandy to the loading screens, too, because at least I didn't feel like I was being taken out of the game, I was just having control taken away, it didn't feel as intrusive to me as loading screens. Plus, I'm almost certain that the new loading screens take longer than the elevator rides in the original did.

But other than those little nitpicks, this game is amazing and definitely better than the first one.

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_vx3177d ago

another FPS thx

CD Rates3176d ago

agree, not my type of game

GamerPS3603177d ago

1 was better storywise. 2nd is better techwise.