Final Fantasy XIII On Xbox 360 Has "Game Content Downloads"

Gamestop captured the back of Final Fantasy XIII's Xbox 360 box, which has bullet points about the game's features.

Let's see… it supports one player, saves take up 4MB, and apparently has "game-content download."

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LordMarius3176d ago

Is anyone actually surprise?

MS tactics at play

Rocket Sauce3176d ago

I think pretty much every game has this on the back of the box.

LordMarius3176d ago

yeah it probably didn't fit so now its DLC, lol

DelbertGrady3176d ago

MS tactics? Since when did MS develop this game? Tinfoil much?

LordMarius3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

delusional much?

mikeslemonade3176d ago

The way Microsoft works is they let the disadvantage seem like it is an advantage to be people who don't know.

"Hey it comes in 3 discs it must be the limted edition"
"Hey it has exclusive DLC" (it's already on the PS3 original disc)
"Hey it's on xbox 360 it must be the bettter version along with achievements" (PS3 is the better version)

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beardpapa3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

I thought SE said there wouldn't be any DLC for FF13 or maybe that was some other game.

Blaze9293176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

as any 360 gamer would know, this only means that the game supports downloadable content IF any were to be released. Nothing to go ho-ha over and create an article for. Even the comments, already throwing about Microsoft bs.

But I guess I did say any 360 gamer...its clear to see who are not 360 gamers.

Big fail on this website's part though. I mean they screwed up right then and there in the description:

"it supports one player, saves take up 4MB, and apparently has "game-content download."

You just don't change supports to has. They are all the same meaning, SUPPORTS.

I mean really, was it that complicated no one could figure it out?

SaberEdge3176d ago

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that any downloadable content for the game will be coming to both consoles.

Godmars2903176d ago

What about S/E's tactics as usual then? They do seem to have picked up a habit for being less than forthright.

Though I think we have to wait before we know what "game-content download" even means exactly. If its either additional or required DLC. If the latter I'm sure there'll be hell to pay.

vhero3176d ago

Didn't MS change the rules to their console so you have to put this on the box now? I'm sure its part of the new Xbox live terms of agreement.

DailyAddict3176d ago

Nothing to see here people, move along. Blaze is right, this is just saying that the game supports it, but it's not saying it 'has' it. Also, people forget that there's more stuff crammed onto the PS3 disk than the 360 one (voice overs, etc.), so for all we know this could just be Square's way of giving 360 gamers the chance to get the extra stuff that otherwise would have been on a 4th disk.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3176d ago

the same way they convinced Square to make a port to their system... With a big fat paycheck. Just like GTAIV DLC, Mass Effect exclusivity, Splinter Cell, etc. you name it.

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js7263175d ago

Just because this means it does or does not "support" game-content download doesn't mean that it's still unlikely. Look at the post about this on Kotaku. Every game he had that had this "feature" also had DLC in some form or another. And, oddly enough, the back of the Borderlands case does not have this feature listed, and yet it still had DLC.

So 1) MS doesn't require this be on the case, which leads one to believe there's a strong chance for DLC.

and 2) It still really doesn't mean anything yet.

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ghamdikh33176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )



Obama3176d ago

May be they are talking about disc 4 content available for download? Just a thought.

hazardman3176d ago

Kinda like what they did with Forza 3??

Godmars2903176d ago

Require that you have a HDD and enough space for an install to play all of the game w/o disc switching. That you didn't have all available content available at once if you didn't.

Know it doesn't sound like much, but then you're probably not someone who saw an "Xbox 360, now at $199" ad and took MS at their word.

iamtehpwn3176d ago

Kitase already has confirmed DLC for this game...that will be launched in Japan and in the west. It's a Ps3 exclusive in Japan, I doubt they'd gimp American PS3 users of it either way. Unless MS shelled out HARD crash, of course.

Obama3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Even if MS shell out HARD cash, I doubt SE would want to piss off ps3 owners further. They have already pissed off some of the fan base by making the game multiplatform so they can't risk pissing off the entire group.

JD_Shadow3176d ago

But then again, you forget who we're talking about here. At this point, if MS paid Wada a nickel to slit his mother's throat, I could see him accepting it kindly and looking for the sharpest knife.

Godmars2903176d ago

The next thing you will hear is a million JP fans of the game screaming in frustration. Burning their PS3 copies if not consoles in the street. Giving a big F-U to Square at their next announcement.


oh, so that means you have the copy already then huh?

4pocalyps33176d ago

just like you already have the copy of mgr to realise its the hd version of the game?

OT: think it is quite obvious that they're including the stuff that wasn't on the 360 version as dlc.

cygnuszero3176d ago

I dont think any multiplats exist that actually look better on the PS3.

I rest my case.

4pocalyps33176d ago

erm dragon age origins looks better on ps3. and by the looks of it so does should come out of the bubble your living in.

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