iPhoneAppReviews: Godzilla - Monster Mayhem Review


At first I thought they were extinct and these were just cardboard cut outs. Really big cardboard cut outs. But then the one that looked like Godzilla moved. I gulped. This was no cardboard cut out. This was the real Godzilla!!!! I tried to run away, but he swallowed me. I thought I would fall into a giant belly of acid and be dissolved, but instead I fell into a control panel. Hmm, strange I thought, "It is almost as if Godzilla is a robot!" I played around with the joystick and figured out how to move and attack. Then, I realized the other monster was still outside. Within five minutes, I defeated the other monster. I was suddenly transported out of Godzilla's belly, and in a blink of the eye, he was gone.

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