No Dpad - Vanquish: The Oath of Brothers Review

No Dpad:

Gamevil's latest, VANQUISH: The Oath of Brothers, entered the fray Friday, descending upon the app store's plentiful hoards with long spears and wrath, on horseback. With each swing of its mighty shaft, one-thousand apps were swept from the face of the store and sent sprawling into the digital abyss. A rain of arrows blotted the sun. The wounded fell in droves, gushing binary code into the fabric of cyberspace. The app store collapsed, and many a good app did perish. Luckily, Apple's tech team was quick to sign treaties with the vanquishing forces of the merciless and militant Chinese heroes, resuscitated the app store to life and restored the fallen apps from their backup servers. But with treaties now forged in the digital blood of ones and zeroes, VANQUISH shall reign forever upon the app store. Or … not …

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