110° previews GTA IV

From the horse's mouth - gets the lowdown on GTA IV from Rockstar itself.

From the article: "With the teaser trailer now relegated to history, Rockstar Games invited us to its London office for a first-hand look at how Grand Theft Auto IV is shaping up. Sadly, we were not allowed to get hands-on with the game just yet, but were nonetheless treated to a controlled demonstration that still gracefully blew us away. Such was its potential."

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Raptors4162d ago

I'd be very interested in finding out how much disc space this game is going to take up on 360. I proudly own a 360 and once more games come will own a ps3 shortly. My point is, if GTA 4 is so massive and can fit on a single disc, wouldn't other games not be an issue? I'd love to hear others feedback in regards to this

BubblesDAVERAGE4162d ago (Edited 4162d ago )

Who is too say this game will be massive .. I personally think it will be the smallest GTA ever...we cant even fly destcutable buildings...I guess in time we will all see..I personally think the next GTA will be the best with the blu ray and everything and 360 making the HDD

Numark4162d ago

yea, becuase we all know we could destroy buildings in the last now this gta is smaller, even though the other game you cant do it....brilliant logic!!!

Rhezin4162d ago

^^^dude not big enough? It's bigger than the 3 San Andreas Islands combined.