Dynamic Slash: Bloody New Media Blowout For Wii

(Also known as Zangeki No Reginleiv)

Blend Games writes "A series of new video trailers have become available for the game and that means it's time for another Media Blowout."

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Cajun Chicken3178d ago

"The thing that really gets to me, though, is why the heck are there no games like this available for the Xbox 360 or PS3? Seriously? It’s really awesome how players have to assemble a team, work together to defend certain areas or defeat enemies using a variety of upgradable weapons."

It's called Earth Defence Force 2017 for 360...came out roughly 3 years ago, by the same developer.

5th Devil of the Ful3178d ago

And the reason you felt you had to bring up you wanting to sell your Wii is?

cyguration3178d ago

use swords and play with several friends in EDF on the 360? Just curious.

Cajun Chicken3177d ago

Well, I didn't mean to sound like that. It's just I don't have a lot of energy and time for my Wii, the costs of the Nintendo published (and developed) games, never seem to go down and stay at a constant rate when secondhand.

But this and NMH2 are really only causing me keep it, the fact that rumour has it a new Nintendo console is on the way, I'd best trade it if I'm going to before the value of the system go down and then everyone trades them in and with the number of Wii's out there, if everyone traded to get onto say, the Wii-HD, you'd probably be able to pick up a Wii for about £40 secondhand or less.

It did sound a bit wrong, but yeah. I am seriously looking forward to this game as it does look like spiritual sequel to most the gameplay of the 3 EDF games but with slashing. But wherever it'll make it outside of Japan and (EU at that!), is another question all together.

N4g_null3177d ago

Wow the videos and you tube videos are freaking sweet. The game is pretty deep also. I think I have another fav dev to put on the list. I need to find out more about these guys.

Man it's all kinds of awesome games coming. I wonder if the review guys over here will like it better?

I already love it.

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ssipmraw3178d ago

their marketing totally screwed up the title

condorstrike3178d ago

That's one cool looking game, but like all Wii games, it probably won't sell nor make a name for itself. eg: Cursed Mountain, Deep Silver is gone, no wonder Sega wants to pull out, and Capcom..etc...etc.

maybe they should have held this game till Wii2.0 since Hi-Def would make it a much better looking game, even though it looks good as it is.

ZoidsRaven3178d ago

WTF, "like all Wii games, it probably won't sell". Are you kidding? Someone doesn't know the sales for Mario Kart, lol.

But being that I'm such an understanding person, I'll correct what you probably ment to say and then address it. What you probably ment to say was "like most M rated titles". My reply to that is quite simple: Please look at RE4, Umbrella Chronicles, most of the CoD games for the Wii, House of the Dead 2 and 3's sales.

All the games I listed so over a million.
BTW: HD has nothing to do with it. If it did, Lair wouldn't have flopped the way it did resulting in Factor 5 going under. 7_7

SpoonyRedMage3178d ago

No, it won't sell, but Sandlot's games don't exactly break sales records and it's Nintendo bankrolling it so it won't matter anyway.

This is Nintendo's way of telling the "hardcore" to STFU complaining because they do make games for them, even if they don't sell(see Sin and Punishment 2).


That looks reallllly awesome.. Is it getting a North American release sometime soon?

EvilTwin3178d ago

No NA/EU release as of yet, to my knowledge.

Can't say I'd get my hopes up too high for one, either. : (


I'm a recovering monster hunter addict, so I dunno... It looks appealing to me at least.

bigjclassic3178d ago


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