Interview: Kyle Brink, Creative Director of Sega Studios, on Why Iron Man 2 won't suck

The Iron Man game received a luke-warm reception when it was released in 2008. The game was plagued with serious issues that marred what could have been a good Marvel movie-based game. Honestly, how could you ruin Iron Man? The very concept of Iron Man seems perfect for video games.
Yet developer Secret Level dropped the ball regardless. For this new iteration of Iron Man, Sega's own San Francisco studio has taken the reins and is working hard to ensure that Iron Man 2 will not suck, going so far as to work with Iron Man's comic book writer Matt Fraction to keep the game as appealing and faithful to the franchise as possible.
This writer interviewed Creative Director Kyle Brink during a Sega press event in New York City, as he played through some demo areas, to showcase just what improvements Iron Man 2 and Sega's Studios have made on the Iron Man formula.

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