Heavy Rain demo hands-on impressions

Rely on Horror, TRivard writes: "I personally have been following the 4-Days Heavy Rain Online Experience. If you haven't, where have you been? The experience leads users on a chase to hunt down evidence, to test your decision making abiliites, and to jump through a series of hoops to get your hands on the ultimate prize--the Heavy Rain demo.

The demo won't be released through PSN until February 11th. Well, I followed the instructions e-mailed to me and was able to have a sit-down with the demo. After an hour of downloading the 1.13 GB file, I played a good 40 minutes of gameplay. But then again, I stopped to take a look at the scenery..."

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Gue13179d ago

I'm anxiously waiting for IGN to diss the game saying that Mass Effect looks better. =D

villevalorox3179d ago

why? because some people like watching other make a fool of themself. I can't wait too, heavy rain is amazing looking and just wow. I mean WOW. Can not wait for this game :) ..

Baba19063179d ago

i really really enjoyed the takes you in and makes you part of the story. its really awesome and it looks incredible. cant wait to play the game. im much more excited after the demo.

AnttiApina3179d ago

I loved the demo, but it really wasn't the best way to promote the choises and consequences, because the scenes almost always played exaclty the same and the choices you make only affect when you play the game for some time.

But oh boy, I cannot wait to discover how the story unfolds!

The Meerkat3179d ago

I doubt IGN will say Mass Effect looks better.

sikbeta3179d ago

HR will be Epic, it'll change people minds about Gaming

heroprotagonist3179d ago

Heavy Rain is going to be such a great game. I personally love games like this.

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user8586213179d ago

Played the demo its really good!! 3 weeks baby!! collectors edition!! xD

Xulap3179d ago

Is there any boobage in the demo?
I won't rush myself to download it otherwise.

whoelse3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Only £39.99 from HMV! (Now £42.99)

user8586213179d ago

nope sorry no boobage :(

there is a epic fight scene though xD

Redlight3179d ago

This won't be popular, but here goes...

I found the demo to be quite dull and the lack of actual control you have over your character was frustrating.

It's no point dressing up the truth, this is a Quicktime game pure and simple, I had to press and hold three buttons just to squeeze past the dumpster! What?

While it does look great and the production was first-class, the only times I thought 'Wow' was in those character close-ups that happen during loads.

The voice acting wasn't too bad, but some of the incidental voice acting sucks and the dialogue itself isn't exactly Quentin Tarantino.

I was hoping that Heavy Rain was going to be groundbreaking but the demo just confirms my worst fears for it. It's cliched, clunky and more movie than interactive.

Here's hoping the demo isn't a true representation.

GotAmmo3179d ago

Indigo Prophecy you would already know how the game plays. I enjoyed IP so if you are still unsure go to youtube and watch the walkthroughs for the entire game.

SaiyanFury3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

The game is contextual-based, I don't argue that point. I also don't consider myself a graphics whore, but DAMN those are some of the best looking skin textures I've ever seen. I'll most likely pick up the game after I'm done Star Ocean 4 and Yakuza 3. What impressed me was the interaction of the characters in the Heavy Rain demo. Again, the textures, the textures. Who knows, maybe I'm easily impressed even though I thought I wasn't, but they really were that detailed on my 61" HDTV. Even Uncharted 2 didn't look QUITE that good, although it really was. Textures on such a large screen, often tend to look a bit washed out. Everything was razor sharp. It's not easy to do, but the demo impressed me. Disagree all you like, but that's my two cents. :)

Liquid Ocelot3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Another turd only on Failstation 3.

So far this year the Failstation 3 has zero AAA titles while the Xbox 360 has 4 Alan Wake, Splinter Cell, Halo Reach, and the best game ever made Mass Effect 2.

It's good to only own a Xbox 360.

Madeline123179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

I wonder...

Do you even believe that stuff you are writing ?

Writing that Xbox360 rules the Ps3 makes you giggle inside your head ?

Some sort of validity approval perhaps ? Self-esteem issues... hum

xaviertooth3179d ago

just put this racist in your ignore list. i will just do that after this comment. this person don't even know how to troll effectively. i bet shadowman, murdertroll and even bungie will be ashamed of this bot.

awesomeperson3179d ago

You do realize that

1) 3/4 of those games aren't even released


2) 2 of those games including "The best game ever made" is multiplatform and will probably come to PS3?

Do you seriously even believe what your saying, or do you want to set a record for bubbles lost quickest.

Why don't we wait for the big boys (kinda literally); God of War 3 and Gran Turismo 5 to come out, eh?

Rhythmattic3179d ago

Liquid Ocelot
"It's good to only own a Xbox 360"

However, Its bloody Fantastic to own more than a 360 !

redsquad3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

"So far this year..."?? You mean ALAN WAKE, SPLINTER CELL and HALO REACH are out NOW????

You, sir, are a baboon. I can also offer several other words to describe you: One ryhmes with "punt", another with "banker" and one with "hob$hite"...

Still, the glib way you toss out "best game ever made" demonstrates that you are a child of this gaming generation and, being lumbered with a 360, are more worthy of pity than contempt (Even though I still have plenty of the latter for you).

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pimpmaster3179d ago

you guys actually liked the demo? i thought the second part was extreemely boring just walking around the huge field with the slow walking speed, the part where u gotta press all the buttons to climb up the hill just to go up and find nothing other than the killer walked through there which u already knew even before climbing.

Madeline123179d ago

You climbed the hill following his footprints to discover the tire tracks from his car...


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