BioWare Defends Mass Effect 2's Lack Of Side-Boob

People will complain about damn near anything on the Internet. For example, some take exception to the fact that Mass Effect 2's sex scenes are a bit tamer than the first Mass Effect's. BioWare is less than sympathetic.

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indiemike3203d ago

It's pretty unfortunate that with a game like Mass Effect 2, which pushes the boundaries of storytelling in a medium that keeps trying to prove itself to the masses, there are still folks complaining about stuff like this.

Rush3203d ago

Lol how pathetic does that title sound, Bioware defending there game from a swarm of angry fanboys over a second of pixel side boob.

EvilCackle3203d ago

Yeah, I mean it's not like there's any shortage of places to see boobs.

beardpapa3203d ago

GoW had nips. Dante's had nips in the DEMO.

Come on Bioware... show us some real T&A for ME3. =D

zeeshan3202d ago

Idiots will complain about anything! I am LOVING Mass Effect. It's great!

s8anicslayer3202d ago

Horny fanboys should be praising Bioware for the amazing female a$$ and bodylines in a console game not the fact that there is a lack of side boob, go get a woman and you won't have issues like this that bother you.

LONEWOLF2313202d ago

You want full blown boobage!!!
GO buy Heavy Rain! lol
Anyways man ME2 is a great title, there is no need for stuff like this.

Tony P3202d ago

I've said my piece on this plenty of times. Not asking for vulgar minigames and copious amounts of nudity. Asking for the continued courage to confront the issue in a medium that is still dancing around it. And that does not require explicit vulgarity.

Raz3202d ago

@ 1.7: From Victoria's Secret to billboards, there is no lack of appetite in the conventional media for using skimpily-attired females to sell product. But when it comes to games, suddenly devs freak out at the negative publicity they might get. I agree completely - stupid double-standard. Time the industry full of 'mature individuals' grew up.

I get the impression that Bioware doesn't like the publicity they've gotten from News Corp. Trying to not ruffle feathers this time. Which is a step in the wrong direction. I can find hardcore porn in 2 seconds on the Web, as could anyone - but a little side-boob in a game is controversial? I get that it's a personal choice, but I don't like it when devs get on a moral high-horse about it.

Because the real reason for devs bringing the boob standard *down* is simple:


Lemmiwinks3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

well it shouldnt, that's my side boob" article is sad if you want side boob play gow 3, heavy rain, or watch the shower and pooping video from HR lol.....hah or go on youporn and you can get alittle more than side boob...seriously guys i thinks its best if you keep your porn fixxes seperate from your gaming fixes....

3202d ago
Raz3202d ago

No, dammit - what happened to "it does everything"? Ok, that's just one platform, but still: I want a system that'll not only let me get my game on, but also my snack on, my drink on, AND my groove on. All at once, too; I should be able to actually eat some Mirelurk Cakes while drinking Mead and getting nasty with the Night-Elf barmaid in the back.

Now tell me a game like that wouldn't sell like hotcakes covered with naked porn stars.

FragGen3200d ago

I think we should just get it over with and some brave studio should give us a straight up AO ESRB rated AAA title. Maybe Rockstar has the stones to do it.

nycredude3200d ago

if you are going to put boobs into a game do it right or don't do it at all.

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ironmonkey3203d ago

no side boob? well that kills the game for me

Godmars2903203d ago

No one's been complaining about a lack of lesbian sex, why would they be upset now about no side-boob?

McRad3202d ago

I complained about the lack of lesbian sex :(, Jack's a damn tease.

MajestieBeast3203d ago

Im more pissed at lack of banging space milf.

ShabzS3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

thats a whole new game all together... you need to pay full price for just that kind of stuff

s8anicslayer3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

lol, more like Mass Erection 2, if it is to become a movie it would make a great porn title

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we won3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

There's side boob but not in any intimate scenes granted the only skin(SIDE-BOOD) is from a flat chested angry person. The character *JACK* is a slap in the face to FOX NEWS and complainers from BIOWARE. The DLC character *ZAEED* makes the game so much better in combat and enhances the Grammy award performance in the game. This is so AAA. Zaeed is in Omega beating the crap out of a bartarin? in the docking area. If the DLC is not working restart your console after clearing the chache.

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