CSM: White Knight Chronicles Review

CSM writes: "If you've played many Japanese role-playing games before, you'll likely recognize the plot of White Knight Chronicles right away. A sad princess who has gone silent for a decade after witnessing the death of her mother is kidnapped by malicious forces just as she is being formally introduced to the people of her kingdom. Players take control of a small band of heroes (including one completely customizable protagonist and another that can transform into a giant knight) that embarks on a mission to rescue her. The quest plays out as a series of smaller adventures that have you marching through complex dungeons, battling monsters, and slowly upgrading your heroes' skills and gear. Outside the main quest, players can embark on bonus missions with their customized avatar, venturing alone or joining up with a handful of players online."

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Blackcanary4187d ago

even played it so you wouldn't know, your just saying it based on this review...

NaiNaiNai4187d ago

when was the last game you really enjoyed that got below average scores.

and I'm talking fully enjoyed beating the whole bloody game...


GarandShooter4187d ago


When was the last time you really didn't enjoy a game that got above average reviews?

SaberEdge4187d ago

It's too bad that this game is getting average reviews. That doesn't mean that some people won't enjoy it though. I have a few games in my library that received even lower scores than this and I still really enjoy them.

Braska4187d ago

This is one game you can't go by the reviews. After seeing the IGN review I said "F*** this", I was bored of MW2 so decided to get it, it's a great game. I'd give it a 9/10. The only reason why I'm not on it right now is cause of maintenance, lol.

Toenado4187d ago

I almost canceled my copy from amazon the day the Ign review came out. I'm really glad I didn't. While it isn't anything new I am still having a good time playing it. I don't see any reason for the so many poor scores.

Godmars2904187d ago

Tons of PS2 games. Disgaea 3, though that's still a PS2 game...

Question is, what game have you even looked at that scored lower than 9?

rockleex4187d ago

Modern Warfare 2... -_-"

aftrdark214187d ago

I am reserving judgement until I play it for myself. I liked the videos ad the online concept. Got it coming via Gamefly. If I like it I'm keeping it. Some ppl will just let any random review sway their decision. Like someone said in an earlier post. I have many games in my collection that didn't score well but I enjoyed them anyway. If you are a fan of the genre you should try it out at least before you make a decision.

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Blackcanary4187d ago

is it biased this game has got mixed review's, some sites have given it an 8.

VileAndVicious4187d ago

So its not just the MAG articles you creep through after all! I knew you loved SONY!

THE MAX SPEED 214187d ago

what? the score is obviously biased they gave T.O.V a 4/5 at the time it came on xbox360.

Shendow4187d ago

Game is one of the best ones out their an unlike some games they say is better then it (Fallout 3 an so on) it doesn't have alot of glitchs (Or any that I have found) and it has a fun online.

Plus their isn't to many games like this that play like a MMO to.

CaitSith4187d ago (Edited 4187d ago )

Reviews don't matter if you truly love to play games. But, I guess you need high metascores to justify your purchase of the game, right?

The gaming world sure has changed a lot.

ButterToast4187d ago

agreed, way to many people today won't even consider a game that gets less than an 8. sad really since I've played and enjoyed a number of low scoring games this gen and liked them more than games getting perfect scores.

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