IGN Editorial: Why Minis Are Failing

After Apple's wild success with its App Store and the vast and varied (especially in terms of quality) selection of games available to iPhone/iPod Touch owners, Sony took the hint that people want bite-sized content on their portable systems and came up with the idea of PSP Minis. These titles are cheap, small in file size (which means quick downloads) and generally easy to pick up and play. For the most part, Minis are short time-wasters that might not keep you glued to your system for a dozen hours or more, but some fit their dollar-to-entertainment value quite well.

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-Alpha3175d ago

Quite honestly the PSP's attempts at trying to go a little more casual and appealing to Apple's users is a mighty big attempt.

It's clear that Apple will continue to dominate the casual market. They do not care about buttons and would rather play on the iPhone.

minis are a good attempt at trying to get more indy and smaller devs to put their product on the market but the GO isn't doing THAT great, and I really do question the marketability of the $250 product.

I wouldn't say that they are failing...but they certainly could be doing better, but I attribute that to the GO.

GrandTheftZamboni3175d ago

Why are you suggesting that PSP is trying to appeal to Apple users?

The article: "If Minis are supposed to be like iPhone games...", well I don't think they are. Unlike iPhone games Minis are not supposed to run on a phone and some of them run on a PS3. Then why compare them? Because of small size? Did Sony say they were supposed to be like iPhone games?

I am surprised with the article because I'd never thought of Minis having even remote resemblance to iPhone games. And, also because Minis are quite new, so isn't it too early to declare them failed?

lordkemp0073175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

IGN's feeble attempts at game journalism fail as hard as a bots centre stump after spotting Billy Gates bent over a biscuit barrel with his trousers at half mast.

Handhelds_FTW3175d ago (Edited 3175d ago )

because most are bad games plain and simple.

ThanatosDMC3171d ago

Agreed. Bad and over priced. Only a handful of games are worth purchasing.