IGN Editorial: Download and Downsize

The era of physical media is rapidly approaching its end. It was fun while it lasted, but in today's digital, always-connected world, there's less need for all this unnecessary consumption and dwindling benefits to these enormous, room-filling collections. It's become clutter -- for comfort, for bragging rights, and for some semblance of traditional ownership.

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Redgehammer3174d ago

My digital library (purchases) on XBL alone is closing in on 100 items. I have no attachments to boxes, or cases --hell for that matter I don't even own a DVD player ( I will never play movies on my game console). I like digital distribution, and have 0 plans to ever purchase another DVD or album. I am ready for same day digital releases over XBL for games like ME2 etc..The only question I have (and have not researched) about my digital content is what happens to it when I die.