Mars development put on hold; new project this year

Critical Gamer writes: Development of upcoming PS3, Xbox 360 and PC action RPG Mars has been put on hold. Jehanne Rousseau of French developer Spiders told Critical Gamer

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Jim Crikey4084d ago

This game looked really interesting, I hope it hasn't been delayed for too long!

scruffy_bear4084d ago

Wonder what there PSN,Live and Wii Ware game is

cyguration4083d ago

seemed okay. It was tough to get a feel for it with that limited demo footage. Hope their new game does well.

IDesertFoxI4083d ago

Always a shame to see a games studio struggle with money issues, especially with an interesting project in the line. Assuming Mars development resumes, could its success be make or break for Spiders?

Cubes4083d ago

Sad to see them struggling, but hopefully they'll make some cash from their downloadable game and finish what they started. Good to see something positive come from the new download trend.