Asda launches Eco-friendly CDs

Asda is set to launch a range of environmentally-friendly CDs across all its 336 UK stores this week, just six months its parent company, Wal-Mart, debuted the product.

Over 84,000 bestselling CDs will be available in the Ecopac range, which will feature fully compostable packaging.

Possible we'll see the same technology used in game packaging soon?

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tonsoffun4162d ago

Fantastic to hear, it is just a shame that my article on how ASDA is now selling Blu-Ray and HD-DVDs was rejected.

DirtyRat4162d ago

Yeh I think its the way forward...perhaps one day instead of buying CDs or DVDs, we'll just walk in with a memory stick to download it direct from the shops super computer instantaneously...that would be even more eco friendly.