Devil May Cry MMO-Clone, Last Online, Coming To North America

Blend Games writes "A very long time ago on a web page far, far away, Blend Games reported on a game that looked and played exactly like Devil May Cry, except it was an MMO.

It has now been confirmed by Eden Entertainment that the Devil May Cry-esque action MMORPG, Last Online, will now be arriving on North American shores…but not for the Xbox 360 or PS3."

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Xwow20084796d ago (Edited 4796d ago )

but i wonder how u gonna play it with keyboard and mouse,DMC fighting style needs controllers to be enjoyable,

cyguration4796d ago

MMOs allow players to use gamepads/controllers. I doubt they would release this game (obviously requiring a controller) without controller support.

If Gunz and S4 League lets you use controllers I'm sure Last Online will let you use controllers.