Heavy Rain Demo a Love/Hate Relationship

European gamers and some North American gamers are currently enjoying the two chapter long demo of Heavy Rain. With the public demo set to release on February 11th for everyone else, some gamers who were able to solve the mystery of the 'Four Day Challenge' and present their evidence were lucky and received a voucher for the demo ahead of schedule.

Some gamers aren't impressed with what they see, while others are.

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yoghurt3181d ago

So, let me get this article just to say that a demo has been releaased and it impresses some but not others.....seriously, is there an article more lame...?

people drink coke, some like it some don't
people try avp demo, some like it some don't

Mista T3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

I know right, the same article could be written about every game that gets a demo released "<insert game here> Demo Disappoints Gamers, Impresses Others"

xxBiG_BoSSxx3181d ago

ahh, you guys took the words out of my mouth. at the very least, this should be posted as an article, not news. Its not news that people are reacting to a game the same way people react to all things ever made.
except oxygen. everybody likes oxygen.

ico923181d ago

hmm interseting but i think i'll wait for the actual reviews, than what the public thinks of the demo, i myself will not be trying the demo because unlike a FPS i know a demo can't do a game like heavy rain justice its a game that obviously requires the player to play through start to finish to truly appreciate it.

Digitaldude3181d ago

Those who don't like it probably own a 360.
Jokes aside, its a very different game, adrenaline junkies who pwn noobs on Mw2 are not going to like a game involving thinking and very little killing.

ActionBastard3181d ago

I share Ico92's sentiment. I made my mind up about this game when they released the "casting" video, what, 2yrs ago? No demo for me, I've blacked it all out. When I buy this, not if, I plan on playing it as Cage has suggested and see what unfolds.

dead_eye3181d ago

the demo does heavy rain alot of justice.

this has gone from a game i was interested in and would buy at some point to a game that i need now.

A Cupcake for Gabe3181d ago

LoL what a lame ass article. Dear Gamenerds, please visit my site....*bullsh1t spills out on the floor*

BTW Kiss Pinball sucks. Care to debate that?

frankymv3181d ago

Heavy Rain will be the springboard for a new genre of games. It is a fusion of adventure/exploration and RPG games. You can't describe it as a fun game; more like thrilling. It has dialogue/exploration and action sequences. It is DEFINITELY geared towards an older crowd (the difficulty settings are one of the many examples of this). It is unique, interesting, and quite exciting. The fighting scenes are the equivalent of boss fights. Get ready people.

el zorro3181d ago

I agree that this article was completely unnecessary.

SilentNegotiator3181d ago

I bet this will make the first page in tomorrow's paper.

pimpmaster3180d ago

the demo actually had a negative effect on me, i was looking forward to the game and rushed to DL the demo. i played it and after playing the it all i can think is meh. press r2 to walk... wtf. the part where ur walking slowly across that huge ass field almost drove me crazy. i was walking around looking for clues at turtle speed. the only part i liked was when u go to the prostitue and she says to put 50$ i was like ohhh snap!! then hes like i need to ask questions then im like :( . it reminded me of hitman 1 for a second.

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LONEWOLF2313181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Well i could careless what other peoples impression or their opinion on the game is.........i for one loved it! And will be picking this up day one!

jack_burt0n3181d ago

lol mattyf yeah thats a better title.

Bnet3433181d ago

I think what the person is trying to say is that you either hate it or you love it. There's no in-between.

Solidus187-SCMilk3181d ago

there is two different version but the one I tried has the slogan "love it of hate it" as people either love it(like my friend) or hate it like me.

Unicron3181d ago

Soooo... the summary is.... people have differing opinions on a piece of entertainment?

Hmmm. Weird.

In other news, sky blue, grass green.

Gen0ne3181d ago

That seemed like a pretty accurate summary.

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