Why it could have been great: White Knight Chronicles

VGD writes: "White Knight Chronicles needn't have been forgettable. In two ways at least, this game had the potential to be rather unique."

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dirigiblebill3176d ago ShowReplies(3)
dirigiblebill3176d ago ShowReplies(3)
creeping judas3176d ago

If one only plays the game rather then read up on it and make up assumptions, one would realize this is actually a great single player game.

Oh well haters everywhere, haters for WKC and haters for ME2, two of the best games so far this year!!

MicroSony3176d ago

I'm playing that game right now, its not bad, not a 9 but surely not a 5 too, more like a 7. I can name a few supposed "Triple A" how was worst that this one. And for ME2, not bad, for your information, I'm a RPG fan first and a shooter second, so ME1 was better in my taste.