Consumers Not Interested And Don't Need An Apple iPad

A new study shows that a lot of consumers just don't care too much about Apple's iPad tablet after the public announcement for it. In fact, the numbers seemed to double when it came to consumers losing interest in Apple's new device.

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cyguration3272d ago

before it even arrives? That's a bit ironic.

blind-reaper3271d ago

And still will sell just because it haves a little bitten apple in the back.

zeeshan3271d ago

There are enough Apple fanboys that Apple will make a little profit out of it but I don't expect it to be a game changer at all. In fact, if anything, Steve Jobs will soon be kicking himself for not upgrading iPhone and investing heavily in iPad.

I like Apple's product and I think they have innovated a lot of cool stuff ipod, iphone etc but iPad just doesn't make ANY sense to me. I don't understand it's application in normal life and I just can't imagine what iPad can do that my Laptop can't do besides the touch screen crap?

Panthers3271d ago

I think you guys are wrong. Apple products are either wildly successful or fail. There are not enough fanboys of any company to support a product. It needs mass appeal and this does not have it. It seems like an oversized iPhone. I think people just wanted a tablet PC running on MacOS, not this gimmickry thing.

Hoolock3271d ago

If I had the spare cash to buy the iPad I would get one. It's cool and I would happily use it to read books and browse the internet and even some of the word editing and note stuff but its not really a very practical device if you want mass's of functionality. Its great at what it does but doesn't do enough for me to justify me handing over the cash yet.

Moentjers3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

I was waiting for this one: I don't have internet access on the job so at noon the iPad will help me go online without bothering about the local network. + The Mac OS + bigger than iPhone or netbook but smaller (lighter) than a Notebook. No separate bag needed... big difference !

Although Win7 seems a lot better than Vista, I'm still not sure it will be the future for portable devices.

Close a Windows notebook (wireless connection, several applications up and running, wireless mouse) and reopen it.
Do the same with an MacBook... see the difference !

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Dorfdad3271d ago

Epic fail and crap article sorry..Anyone that mentions the iPad is a retarded iTouch loses all credibility, and clearly doesn't know the topic hes posting on. While the elites on here will cry failure they are plain stupid. The iPad will be a HUGE success. There are some many reasons why that I can't explain here. Im a PC and Apple Fanboy but the iPad will be bigger than the kindle in short time.

madpuppy3271d ago

I think that you have been drinking too much of the Apple kool aid.

I will direct you to some Apple failures just so you understand that Steve Jobs isn't the Christ.

The Pippin
The Newton
the IIc
the Lisa
the g4 cube
the crt based imac

and that is just the ones off the top of my head.

don't worry, man It's OK for a company to release a failure once in a while. keeps them on their toes.

wicko3271d ago

And if it does I will have lost faith in humanity. At this point if anyone picks it up its because it's an apple product.

butterfinger3271d ago

does become "bigger than the Kindle", it will be due to Apple locking down certain big name publishers mostly. I honestly couldn't imagine this thing selling all that amazingly well, but I am planning on picking one up due to the fact that I have a LOT of time at my job where I am literally travelling/doing nothing, and I love the idea of having my books, music, and movies/TV shows on one device that is large enough to make it worth watching. I have a feeling that this will go the way of the MacBook Air, where a lot of people will think it is a neat idea, but most people will realize they don't have much use for it.

Shadowstar3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

@2.2 -- I'm buying it because it fits my needs-- light internet surfing, maybe some games, no contract with a phone company but 3G access for whatever I want, bigger screen to allow some reading. I could get a Kindle, sure, but I'd like the flexibility of something that has more than one function, and ePaper didn't really pan out like I'd hoped. I could get a laptop, sure, but I already have one and it really needs a laptop case to carry around with me, while this has dimensions so that it will fit in my purse. I have actually wanted a tablet style computer for a long while. Of course, I could get a tablet PC with a full operating system, but those have been out for years and still haven't got true software support (ie, general programs that take advantage of touch screens), while Apple has already shown it wants to get software on it by showing their iWork suite with an interface designed specifically for the touch interface instead of the mouse/keyboard. (I've also considered the JooJoo. My overall experiences with Apple make it win out, so there, you're right. I'd choose the iPad over the JooJoo because Apple, a company with a good deal of history instead of a start up, makes it.)

It doesn't fit your needs, and that's fine, but to say that anyone who gets it is only getting it because it's from Apple? No. It's not the only reason.

TOSgamer3271d ago

I love how people saying they will buy this because it fits their needs. Then they shoot off a few reasons none of which a netbook for about 60% of the price can't do. Face it you want it because it has an apple logo on the back. Nothing more nothing less.

Shadowstar3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Uh huh.

The netbook can fit in my purse? Really? Show me, please.

I have a laptop. I don't need a cheaper one.

My boss bought a netbook. He used it in meetings for about a month before he went back to pen and paper. Really, those netbooks are awesome! Maybe the iPad will end up being just as clunky for me to take notes on (assuming I bother doing that-- it really isn't what I intend it to do, I'm just an internet junkie), but I already know that the netbook won't fit my needs.

TOSgamer3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

A 10" netbook is the same dimensions as a ipad except it is .5 inches thicker. So unless your purse doesn't have an extra half inch of width to spare then yes it will fit. Slimmer and smaller netbooks should be coming out soon as well, now that Intel has integrated the graphics and memory controller onto the same die of the Atom processor. Especially if people don't mind buying gimped devices like the ipad. See other companies can remove usb ports, vga port, ethernet port and memory card readers too. Apple isn't doing anything magical by removing features, they are just one of the few companies with the gall to sell gimped products at a premium. BTW if your boss had trouble typing on a netbook see how long he lasts on a ipad with no real keys and staring down at his desk...

SaiyanFury3271d ago

Well it's ultimately up to the individual consumer. As a person who has both a modern gaming PC and a modern laptop running Windows 7 with good hardware, I have no need for an iPad. If those people find that they need an iPad to supplement their modern mobile lifestyle, it's fine. I, personally won't be getting one because of several things. First, the price. I'm not paying that much for something I don't need. I don't subscribe to Apple's totalitarian policies. My electronics facilitate me very well without contributing an Apple device to my lifestyle. But for those who want it, there's nothing wrong with that. Most who seem to have an iPhone don't want it, as it might seem unnecessary. But hey, this is only one man's opinion.

butterfinger3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Wow, the iPad is the same dimensions as a netbook?! EPIC FAIL. Have you ever seen a newer netbook in your life? They are small, but bulky, and now have those horrendous 6-cell battery packs hanging off in random areas. The software is the real problem, because Windows 7, although better than all other Windows OS, is still a slow, buggy POS compared to OSX. I had an HP mini for about 3 months with Windows 7 home premium, and it ran like absolute crap. Guess what I found out? EVERY netbook I have used has been slow, and a hassle. It's so funny how ignorant people like yourself like to bash people that buy Apple products, saying that we buy it because Apple makes us think it's cool or some other garbage, when in reality, you are just acting like a dbag that thinks they are better than everyone else. It's not my fault that you can't afford an iPad, or various other Apple products, but for those of us that can, it is truly a MUCH better experience than PCs seem to offer. If I want a computer with the buggiest software on Earth, I will simply buy any PC on the market.

thewhoopimen3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

Agreed. Netbooks can do "everything" but they are slow as molasses and that makes them literally next to useless when i just need to jot down notes. Open netbook, wait, wait for it to come out sleep, wait wait... f**k that. My Lenovo S-10 runs faster on OSX 10.6 than Winblows 7 and I still have issues with it for casual use. Since owning one of these crap buggers, my key criteria has changed from pure portability, to usability with speed. If the iPad can do 80% of what a netbook can do at 500% the speed (which it sounds like it does with instant on, etc.) then I would buy it.

TOSgamer3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

@2.9 Yes and that's exactly why you're an Apple douche. I can't afford an ipad?! ahahahahahahah I can't afford a new Porshe or a condo on the beach. A frickin' ipad? Please... There is a big difference between not being able to afford one(which anyone with a job can do) and having the sense not to waste my money. But that's what makes you a hipster loser. Insinuating people don't have money if they don't WANT to pay for overpriced crap.

BTW my Lenovo S10 with a 3 cell battery measures 9.75 inches by 7.25 inches by 1 inch. Compared to 9.56 in x 7.47 in x 0.5 inches for the ipad. I guess that makes you a complete moron...

@2.10 Don't know what's wrong with your Lenovo S10 but it takes mine about 7 secs to get out of sleep mode with Windows 7 home.

butterfinger3270d ago (Edited 3270d ago )

Wow, look how cool you are with your ability to call people names! You are definitely the coolest poor person with a cheap netbook, I must say. I hope you have all of your antivirus software up to date, wouldn't want that fragile baby to crash on ya. IDK about you, but the $700 isn't a lot of money for me, so of course I don't mind picking up something that I will find extremely useful. Perhaps your parents will pay for half of it as your Christmas present next year?

Oh yeah, sorry to hear about your 3-cell battery. I hope you enjoy your extremely limited portability/battery life and/or have a car charger.

Shadowstar3270d ago


7 seconds? That seems atrocious. You really don't find 7 seconds to be a long time when you only want to use it for a 20 second google search? Droid and iPhone users always seem to have the net less than a second away...

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Gago3271d ago

why the hell would any person with half brain buy an over sized ipod touch, that doubles as a gimped tablet pc

thewhoopimen3271d ago

Because that oversized iPod might just be the right bridge between a notebook vs a PDA. Netbooks fail for this job b/c they try to do everything and they suck in speed. PDA/phones are fast but the screens fail. Notebooks are too clunky for casual enjoyment. I use 90% of my netbook for surfing and some notetaking/word processing. For that... it sucks cuz its SOOO slow.

Xi3271d ago (Edited 3271d ago )

In the future the Ipad will be the size of a wallet, and it will feature the ability to send and receive phone calls and texts messages...

mark my words.


MegadethAndy3271d ago

Everyone is competing for our hard earned cash. There are more products on the market than ever before, so the money we spend is dividing more and more.
Not sure what im getting at here (lol) but if they want our cash, it better be worth it (thats goes for all products).

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