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The Final Fantasy series has been a runaway success for many years but does the latest entry for the Wii, The Crystal Bearers, cope well with the weight the name puts onto it?

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Logiistics3203d ago

Nice review, although oddly im not that much into FF.. Yes im weird.

SpoonyRedMage3203d ago

Now that I finally have the game I'm loving it and I've got to wonder what the majority of reviewers are on, the game's great.

My only gripe at the moment is the camera but even that isn't as bad as many of them made out. I'd personally give it an 8/10.

In now way should the game be getting lower than 6.5s though, the amount of polish and content is just brilliant and it's a much better effort for the Wii than most games. It's SOOO much better than Madworld for one, which is completely overrated.

tunaks13203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

the game gets a 9 from me in every category except for the battle system and the camera controls.
The battle system is really unique and it can be fun but there should be a little more, but critics have over reacted in flaming the game, its still fun but you have to keep your mind open, they tried something new and thats always good.
The graphics in the game are really good. The best 3rd party graphics on the Wii. If anyone is still on the fence about getting it, rent it at least this great 3rd party effort deserves to be played.

SpoonyRedMage3203d ago (Edited 3203d ago )

I actually really love the battle system, but I can see why a lot of people wouldn't. People said it got repetitive but on the contrary I've found each battle to be nealry completely different in strategy and ability.

Even when it's the same monsters, like in the wildlands it's better to steal the skeletons head and have them take care of the wolves and then finish them off but when you're in the bit with the Zus you should throw their heads of the side, disabling them and make them vulnerable

and yes about the graphics, totally. I already knew the game looked great but wow, it looks very crisp and clean and highly detailed... great designs too.


EDIT: I've only ran into one technical hitch as well, if you turn the camera and dodge roll simultaneously the framerate dips for a second.