Sony Eyeing the Tablet Market?

Hot on the heels of last month's iPad announcement and this week's Google tablet buzz, Sony has hinted that they too may be entering the tablet computer arena. Speaking at a Tokyo news conference, Nobuyuki Oneda, Sony's chief financial officer, said the company is "very interested" in the tablet market, and that the company hopes to create a product in that space.

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Vincent VII3180d ago



shopsmartash3179d ago

This really has NOTHING to do with the PS3. Of course Sony is eyeing the tablet market, they are a PC manufacturer; they would be stupid not to.

NiiGhTx3179d ago

You are one of the saddest fanboys ever

rockleex3179d ago

I hope PSP2 has access to 4G though.

Playing Socom online, ANYWHERE in the world.

No need for Wi-Fi spots anymore.

The real killer3179d ago

Learn to read, he said SONY not PS3.

shopsmartash3179d ago

the tag line It only does everything is for the ps3, nothing else in sony's lineup uses it

Magnus3179d ago

Sony should hold off the tablet and wait and see how Apples tablet will do in the market I don't think there will be need for it when people have Laptops.

siliticx3179d ago

With apple's mobile devices, if you let them go, you lose.
ipod is good, but the oled walkman or the zune just cant compete.

iphone -> windows mobile, blackberrys are biting the dust, android is hanging on.

ipad -> we got HP for sure, google most likely, the exopc ( Problem is, the ipad is out in less than 2 months. in 6 months it might be too late!

The only exception is some kind of sick hybrid. The PSP2 with 3g access, PSN access/Qriocity and DLNA support? now were talking something different.

JJFNIGHTS803179d ago

Why does everyone have to copy like the iPad and Apple for? Theirs no competition when comes to APPLE products even though I hate to say it. It's all bout popularity when it comes to new hardware with APPLE.

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