Mass Effect 2: Choices don't matter

VGArabia: Let me first say that Mass Effect 2 is a great game. The game did a lot of things right, but every game has its weaknesses. I'm not going to say that Mass Effect 2 sucks or something like that because it would be stupid to say so about this game.

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hardcore19123181d ago

next week I will get it. I Hope it's good as the first one.

KionicWarlord2223181d ago

It`s definitely better then the first . A lot of surprises are in the game...

alaa3181d ago

If you enjoyed the first Mass Effect, you will be enjoying the second one even more.

divideby03181d ago

TRUs has it for 45 bucks + 10 buck gift card this week...get it now if you want to get this game for 35 bucks...thats a deal

Reibooi3181d ago

I loved the game and from a game play perspective it's MUCH better then the first however from a story perspective I think the first Mass Effect was better.

Let me explain. Mass Effect 2 basically makes you go around getting back all your squad mates(and a few new ones) Instead of just advancing the story of the first game. While there are certainly interesting side missions and even interesting parts in the main story overall it's a cop out. Like Bioware thought they could not keep the games story at the level of Mass Effect 1 for 3 games so they brought it down in Mass Effect 2 and 3 will blow everyone away.

That's just my opinion on it. I felt kinda annoyed going around the universe finding these characters that I should already have and did have in the first game. It just felt wrong and a cheap way to extend a story that would have otherwise been only 5 or so hours.

I still am looking forward to the last game and I plan on replaying the 2nd game because someone I didn't want to die died and I would like to see if I could change that.

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immortal843181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

But I think the story of the first game was better and the decisions you make in the first Mass Effect were more powerful. It's like the second Lord of the Ring movie while it was good, it was never as good as the first or the third ones.

Major_Tom3181d ago

The game faults from not being better than its predecessor. They cut out most of the parts that make it an rpg.

It's a great shooting game but not so much RPG.

TheXgamerLive3181d ago

What they've done great is simplified some elements and made a great 50/50 RPG/shooter, it's a great mesh and most everyone loves it. A perfect 10/10 for me.

And, to the guy who wrote the story, he's dead wrong the choices matter greatly and are meshed pefectly with the game play.

Solidus187-SCMilk3181d ago

the guy has no idea how his decisions effected the story because he never played through it again to see the other possibilities.

there are far more decisions to make and they have more of an effect on the story then the ones in me1.

Bobbykotickrulesz3181d ago

ME2 is far superior to the first.

And as for this article, you're a dipsh*t. The choices you make DO matter, and as it says in the loading screen, the choices you make greatly affect what will happen in Mass Effect 3, so choose wisely.

Major_Tom3181d ago

Um, I'm pretty sure they tell you the same spiel in mass effect, how did that turn out.

Bobbykotickrulesz3180d ago

How did that turn out?

It completely changed the course of the game, that's how it turned out.

There were countless things different in my version of ME2 than in my friends. In fact, my version was almost completely different, aside from the main storyline.

Major_Tom3180d ago

Some one is clearly too coo-coo for Coca puffs.

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divideby03181d ago

I will put the same amount of time into the game, and never replay it..
if not more time the first pass and just like ME1 one long playthrough that long is enough
hence even more why the IGN article of ME2 and UC2 was the dumbest thing to come out of that web site

josh143993181d ago

gameplay wise mass effect 2 is better but story wise mass effect 1 is better. I suppose some will prefer mass effect 2s story but i hated the ending

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