Poll: 80 Percent of Teens Have Game Console

Pew also found that 80 percent of teens between ages 12 and 17 have a game console, like a Wii or PlayStation.

"While younger and older teens are equally likely to have a game console, boys are more likely than girls to have one," Pew said, with 89 percent of boys having one, compared to 70 percent of girls.

Fifty-one percent of teens have have portable gaming devices like a Nintendo DS or PlayStation Portable (PSP), Pew said, with 66 percent of teens ages 12 and 13 saying that have such devices, compared to 44 percent of those ages 14 to 17.

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FishCake9T43180d ago

Only 80%??? Everyone i know has a console.

Myst3180d ago

Number seems a tad low, though if it is correct I feel sorry for the teens who don't have any :(. Unless of course they didn't want any of them in the first place.