The Old Republic explains the Sith Inquisitor

Many fans awaiting BioWare and Lucasart's upcoming MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic wonder why there are going to be two different classes for the Sith and Jedi. BioWare writer Rebecca Harwick explained today what caused the developer to create the Sith Inquisitor along with the Sith Warrior.

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DanCrabtree3203d ago

I feel like there's no need to explain two Sith classes. It's just awesome.

italianbreadman3203d ago

Really. Why NOT have two Sith, two Jedi, etc. Let's make it THREE, even, no?

Letros3203d ago

I've been itching for Bioware + Star Wars once again, for too long.

silvacrest3203d ago

same here

i was waiting for champions online thinking it could replace my city of heroes addiction but it failed pretty quick but star wars is looking really good right now, fingers crossed i get into the beta

cant wait

Baka-akaB3203d ago

Kotor has always interested me more than Mass effect (no offense) with well star wars for starters , and more rpg elements imo .
Even as a mmo but with apparently a storyline focus , i still eagerly await the game

erevela3203d ago

It's much more interesting to have more than one type of evil character, instead of just something generic. The more complex the game, the better.

silvacrest3203d ago

this game is like a dream come true, i like star wars, not as much as a typical fanboy but still..., bioware's work with mass effect and KOTOR show they can do RPGs plus they are putting the effort in the story and dialog similar to mass effect, no MMORPG has done anything close, this could be epic

people who play MMORPG's regulary know that reading every mission, every bit of dialog gets very tidious, what bioware have done is a godsend

on topic, this is just more win

italianbreadman3203d ago

This could be the MMO that changes the way all MMOs work in the future. Rather than just the human interaction, making the non-playable characters more alive will really enrich the experience and appeal to more types of gamers than those who are typically fans of MMOs. And the Star Wars theme can't hurt it, haha.

silvacrest3203d ago

i forgot to mention that the star wars fanboys should be all over this as well

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