G4TV: Reaction Time: Q Games Reflects On Their Latest Downloadable, PixelJunk Shooter

G4TV writes: "Few studios have the track record of PixelJunk, Q Games' PlayStation Network-exclusive downloadable series. PixelJunk Racer, PixelJunk Monster, PixelJunk Eden firmly established Q Games as someone willing to take risks, combining bold artistic design with sound gameplay -- and usually backed by a killer soundtrack. PixelJunk Shooter perhaps the most traditional of the PixelJunk releases yet, continued that streak of elegant innovation, as Q Games released its own twist on the action game. I got in touch with Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert over e-mail to discuss reaction to PixelJunk Shooter, how he's approaching the sequel, and concerns over the pricing of digital games."

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nogolis3176d ago

I wanted to like it but ultimatley it falls a little flat compared to Monsters. I don't think these guys are as focused as they once were. I'm excited see what their next 2 games in the series is or was it 1 game left? I know they're working on one right now but I don't know if it's for the Pixel junk vol 1 collection or the vol 2 collection. Shooter, to me, wasn't evena shooter... Gravity Crash is a much better game.