BioShock 2 IGN Video Review

IGN's Video Review of Bioshock 2!

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Johandevries3176d ago

...reasons to believe this thread is going beyond 100 comments.

nogolis3176d ago

I have strong reason to believe it's going to be biased, so I'm not going to pay attention to it. Bio Shock sucks the donkey. Deal with it and stop swinging from the nuts of an industry muppet like Levine.

ChanDangle3176d ago

I'm not feelin the whole "daddy", I want Mr. Bubbles!!

OlvaR3176d ago

i don't get it. did he actually said that bioshock 1 has better graphx than bioshock 2? or he just ment that there is not improved that much?....besides that i believe bioshock 2 will rock

Ghostsmoker3176d ago

That sounds strange for me too.

VileAndVicious3176d ago

I have this feeling deep in my gut...that I will not agree with this review score once I play it. It sounds like more of the same to me. Youd think it would loose points for that.

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