Blu Ray Showing It's Muscle Against 360

Xbox360 has proven time and time again that the DVD format is still great for gaming but this time around Microsoft may have hit a stumbling block.

Final Fantasy 13 one of the biggest titles in our industry has resulted in the loss of quality and content which horrible for the fans who are the end users.

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cmrbe3179d ago

is a genius. It is so freaking great that i can just pop Avatar in my PS3 and play it when it releases. Better yet when i get a 3D TV i will watch it in 3d!!.

If Sony didn't include blu-ray in the PS3 the tech wouln't have been as cheap as it is now and proably dead and we will have to deal with devs cutting game size and quality of games as we move into the future.

rroded3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

b/r > dvd

the only good thing here is that square didnt dumb down the game to be totally equal on both formats.

darthv723179d ago

Seems to me the capacity of blu is the main advantage from a technical point of view. Some would argue about wifi and hdd and even free online. All of those really have no advantage/disadvantage from the perspective of the actual game itself being on a single or multiple disc.

Capacity of the medium is where it counts. Sadly...DVD can't hold its own for very much longer. I do find it odd though that multiplatform games are using bluray discs when the games fit on a single DVD. Must be some kind of mandate by Sony.

Last gen, Sony supported games on both CD/DVD. If the game didnt need the DVD and fit on a CD, it was released on a CD. This gen its all about the blu for sony. Even on small DVD size games.

AAACE53179d ago

I believe we all knew this already, we didn't need HHG to tell us the Ps3 version would be better! But its like I said before, they could have taken advantage of the Ps3's power at any time like they used to do with more powerful consoles in the past, but they just decided not to.

But I will guarantee you that they will release a version of FFXIII later down the road with the missing content that people are complaining about, much like they did with Avdent children complete. So you will get the full game you expected.

whateva3179d ago

because all blu-rays have stretch repellent!

most people I know with 360's have lost a few games do to stretches, no one I know has a stretched up PS3 game.

Bilbo653179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

"Only real advantage PS3 has is blu...."

Show me a game that has the massive amounts of players with no lag at once (Resistance, MAG) on the other console then.

Show me a game that looks as good as Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Killzone, God of war, etc etc... On the other console then.

The Ps3 is more powerful and has the 1st party devs to take advantage of it.

And don't give me that "Bu bu Alan Wake, Halo Reach"

sikbeta3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Blu Ray has all The support cuz it can make the Games Bigger and Devs don't need to compress anything and that's the whole point, why get stuck on DVDs hen you can have Something Better

Gamers FTW!!!

Apocalypse Shadow3179d ago

you aren't seeing the bigger picture....

ps3's advantage was having hdmi built in for not just 1080p support,but bluray and 3D support.again,it shows that sony was thinking about the future while microsoft was only thinking about the present and how to gouge it's base of gamers of their money.

the camera does 120fps support.that's thinking about future gaming and video.making ps3 capable of not only upgrading the hard drive but the bluray disc has already grown from 25gigs to 50gigs.

ps3 shows so many advantages over 360,that it is why ken k. said 360 was xbox 1.5.only when microsoft redesigned with hdmi and left the component onwers out in the cold,that 360 was able to add some of what ps3 does out of the box.but they abandoned those gamers.just like xbox 1.

ps3 has more advantages than you think.and that's not even counting the web browser or wifi support.

morganfell3179d ago


It's great the PS3 is 3D ready. Remember all of those people that, in an effort to attack Sony on any front, were saying 3D doesn't matter and they calimed that Sony was wasting money. Remember those shortsighted people? I wonder how they feel now...

That is just the beginning...

Captain Tuttle3179d ago

Most movies aren't even out on Blu-Ray yet. Has LOTR been released? I know the Godfather trilogy has been and that's a big step.

JoySticksFTW3179d ago

Er, you mean scratch repellent?

I'm serious. Do DVD's stretch? I've never heard of that.

On topic:

I really wished every 360 shipped with a next-gen media format. As both a 360 and PS3 owner, I've been seeing the difference between dvd and blu-ray - and what they mean to games - for a while.

My favorite 360 game so far is Mass Effect, with it's great main story. But when you hit the side stories, every location / enemy stronghold is the same two buildings. And now FFXIII doesn't have towns because it's too hard to do? Suspect...

darthv723179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

No way did I downplay bluray. In fact I only questioned the use of it in regards to third party games. We all know that games made to fit on 360 dvd and the same game on the ps3 are not using anywhere the capacity it is capable of. So why the use of a full blu disc? Sony had cd and dvd games for the ps2.

I recall being a supporter of cd back when carts were the norm. I believed in what the devs were saying about making games bigger and longer only to find that the games were basically the same as their cart counterparts but with FMV or animated cut scenes. The music was obviously better than cart.

I think the title of this is an obvious flame bait one. It is stating a format vs a platform. It should be a format vs format or platform vs platform. Bluray showing muscle against DVD or PS3 showing muscle against 360.

edit: apoc shadow, I see the big picture. Sony didnt themselves for a while after launch however. Many units were sold as movie players because it was cheaper than stand alone units. I recall they were pushing it with free movies and whatnot and yet it is a game machine by name and movie machine by virtue. At least when you by a 360 it is obvious for games as nobody buys it for its movie abilities.

morganfell3179d ago

Too bad the very best looking games this generation disagree with you.

Too bad developers like Kojima who love the extra space disagree with you.

Too bad PS3 fans whose ears are as good as their eyes disagree with you.

To bad having an open development architecture disagrees with you.

Too bad my over 100 FREE UNREAL 3 maps disagree with you.

Too bad my web based PS3 downloads disagree with you.

Really, there is no sense in going any further because I would be here all night.

darthv723179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

why some on this site call you morganfail.

You failed to see the point of my comments.

You failed to understand I am referring to a formats capacity and how it relates to certain games.

You failed to grasp the nature of the topic at hand.

To quote you "Really, there is no sense in going any further because I would be here all night."

I used to respect you but now you failed at that.

rroded3178d ago

I think a big part of the reason they put event the dvd size games on blue ray is to do with their antipiracy measures...

Immortal3213178d ago

I dont want my ps3 multiplats looking the same as it's counterpart knowing the exclusives look better than any game out!

before you disagree! I bet you have no reason to disagree with me unless you have a 360! Now if you have both, your lying. I know if I had both I wouldn't be on n4g looking for comments to agree and disagree.

morganfell3178d ago

No, you are wrong. Completely wrong. It was easy to hone in on your theme. All one needed do was look at the first line which was fairly succinct AND IN BOLD LETTERS.

That was the remark to which I responded. Fact. You ere called on the carpet for another one of your ever so common anti-PS3 posts.

To say that you were only referring to multiplats further defines how you fail to see matters. Every advantage the PS3 has in an exclusive is there for a multiplat. If the developers fail to avail themselves of such advantages as the often do, what does that have to do with the PS3? You obviously believe the PS3 is at fault in such instances when it is the developer and publisher that make the choices not to push what the PS3 offers.

My post, which you ignored states there are a host of other advantages for developers that they often fail to use. To state the PS3 only has Bluray as an advantage in multiplats is more than naive when those other advantages are there and untapped by the game makers.

Your reference to the days of cartridges and CDs isn't applicable in the least as you did not have cartridges being used by society for a host of non-gaming reasons. They were not embedded as a form of widespread technology. The comparison fails miserably.

To say that Sony did not see the viability of the PS3 as a movie platform is a bit absurd when it was Sony's campaign to offer 5 free Bluray movies with a qualifying bluray player purchase that included the PS3 and Sony was the one responsible for having the label placed on Bluray discs that states the movie plays on the PS3.

Remarks that it was a movie machine by virtue had me in a laugh fest. Sony has pushed the idea of the media hub since the PS2. The idea of the PS3 as a movie player wasn't an accident of having Bluray but rather the PS3 was Sony's intentionally planned movie format Trojan Horse intended from the beginning to help win the format war as a viable movie player.

darthv723178d ago (Edited 3178d ago )

what you state makes perfect sense. My bad for not thinking about the security issue. I still believe though that simply using the format in place of dvd for security is a cop out as there could be similar security measures imposed on dvd media as well. At some point though there will be measures to circumvent such security much like it took for CD and eventually DVD.

Good point.

@Morgan...please dont try and make what you consider logical counterpoints to non topical discussion again. Your fanboy colors are showing badly.

Oh to add...yes I know all about the things you say. I chose not to discuss because I am not disagreeing with you on those. Yes the ps3 has more non technical advantages like the ones you state. I was referring to the main advantage one format has over the other. Like the advantage cd had over cartridge.

We were told many times about how this game or that game could benefit from the extra space. So far the 1st parties seem to be the only ones tapping into it. Third parties are keeping things toned down mostly due to costs as even exclusive games for each platform can show the benefit of more time and $$ (and disc space for the ps3) can offer.

You seem to think i am anti ps3 when you fail at that too. Perhaps you need to go back to square one and reread my original posts. Dont pick and choose what you think I am saying but think about what I am saying.

edit: If you recall I said the advantage ps3 has over 360 is bluray. Not just in multiplat games but overall. I bring up the idea that more multiplat games should take advantage of the capacity instead of holding back. That is their choice and we can fault them all we want as it wont really change anything. It is always about $$ and some will go that extra effort and do more (like dante inferno divine ed) and some will do less (bayonetta).

I am a more neutral gamer than most. I like to play the games not so much the systems. I may start out a console gen one sided but at some point I get the remaining systems and enjoy gaming as a whole. Nothing wrong with that as it is by my choice. I dont fault someone for being true to their respected values but i do find it offensive when others try and say differently about mine. I respectfully appologise for saying your fanboy colors are showing as you have made it clear you never intended to hide them.

I can respect you being a playstation fan. Thing is, can you respect me for being a nintendo, sega, nec, neogeo, microsoft, atari Can you respect anyone who may share a difference of opinion with you?

You make snap judgments based on incomplete information (just my observation) and fail to realize that there may just be people out there that have free thought. Some are more absurd with there thinking and look like complete tools and others try to remain neutral even in light of non neutral subjects.

My thoughts on the original topic of bluray vs dvd still stands. Bluray has a great advantage and yet we are not seeing what it is capable of doing from the third party perspective. Bluray in the ps3 is the center point of the entire system. Take that away and the 360 and ps3 would be more evenly matched (hardware perspective mind you).

In the end I guess it doesnt really matter as nintendo is kicking both their a$$'s.


morganfell3178d ago

Here is just one of many reasons there is a clear delineation between the two of us. Homnesty. You have none.

I have never ever hidden the fact I am a PS3 fanboy. You on the other hand like to pretend you are not a bombastic supporter of a particular console. Yet every post you makes discredits the absurd idea you have that you are walking the center of the road. You are in the center alright... and getting yourself run slap over by every entry you post.

The list of features for developers in the PS3 development kit invalidates your idea that that the only advantage the PS3 has in multiplats is bluray. That was your argument and a flimsy ill conceived on at that. The fact that producers and developers choose not to employ them in now way alters the fact the PS3 has a host of advantages.

The fact is you do not like the embarrassing fact you opened your mouth and put a nice long sharp stick in that eye of yours.

You should try reading some of your own sharp leaning opinions. The ones you claim not to have yet are out here on the N4G interwebs in glaring truth. You beat that 360 drum like you were trying out for the Keith Moon award.

It is laughable how the least honesty some exercise is with themselves.

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badboy8083179d ago

It's finally been announced for the morning of febuary 12

right and wrong3179d ago

So is Sony maybe doing there own type of show for PS3 gamers right after X10? I just new Sony wouldn't sit around and let MS still the spot light. Man it feels good to be a gamer and looking forward to the footage.

GVON3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

actually it was originally announced for the 11th,it's been put back a day.I was looking forward to reading the battles on here,I always find them funny reading.

If the footage is that titan gameplay,and it's as mind blowing as those previews suggested in mid january,then I guess they will try and kill as much hype as they can from X10.
If Msoft have nothing that can match GOW footage then it's a feather in Sony's cap,but if they have something it'll be even more interesting on here.

The Killer3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

HHG, u r funny as always, some times u make sense and sometimes u lose it!!

keep up the spirit!! the industry surely is full of anti ps3 journalist who makes sense once a year, so ps3 fans and sony need guys like you out there to bounce off the other guys.

keep it up, and pros for being innovative in journalism!! now we see many copy cats that doesnt make much sense.

Dance3179d ago

hiphopgamershow...nuff said

DavidMacDougall3179d ago

You didn't say much? I don't get it?

Godmars2903179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

Still you can get people to argue in favor of DVD.

NaiNaiNai3179d ago (Edited 3179d ago )

only reason I will argue for DVD9 is the fact it loads much much faster on my pc...and my console.

I'm sorrybut 2x read speed on my ps3 is pathetic.

if they had waited and put in a 16x burn I wouldn't be so annoyed.


I'm just saying choosing blu-ray over dvd 9, I take dvd9 just because its faster to load. I could care less about switching dvds. as long as I don't have to sit and wait like I did on MGS4. or little big planets load lag.

if the ps3 had a 16x drive most of my complaints would be gone right there.

BTW UC2 is using data caching. same thing halo 3 used on its massive maps.

Mista T3179d ago

"can't MS introduce blu-ray in new 360s but still have the whole 360 library be playable since a good % of blu ray drives/players can play DVDs?"

don't you think it's possible for them to do this?

Elven63179d ago

They didn't do it with HD DVD (despite the Microsoft Japan slip up) so I doubt they would do it with Blu Ray or any other format. If they do include an internal Blu Ray drive the market would be polarized, much like the DSi it's only a matter of time until some tries to do a Blu Ray game.

Some compatibility issues could arise where not all DVD games run properly on a Blu Ray 360. An external drive is about all I expect Microsoft to do if anything.

cmrbe3179d ago

Why can't Sony include a faster BR drive?. If Sony wanted to they can. It will only mean that older models will still read slower than the ones with the faster read speed. MS on the other hand can't change to blu. Use logic and common sense.

mrv3213179d ago

You do realise spin speed has very little to do with data speed.

So yeah, while the PS3's 2X speed is probably it's greatest limiting facter IT'S UNIVERSAL hard drive makes up for it and provides advatanges such as updates with games.

Godmars2903179d ago

Because its similar logic to including BR into the 360: it wouldn't be as polarizing, would have no direct effect on game development, but you'd have consumers deciding between older, slower running models and faster new ones. Possibly with a slight price hike.

Xwow20083179d ago

U say the 2x in ps3 blu-ray is pathatic right, but i suggest u play uncharted 2 and u will see that there is no loading in the game even when its stream for the disc.
And i see most of the PC games have loading even when the games are fully installed in the hard disc can u explain that plz :).

wicko3179d ago

@mrv321 that graph does not show anything like what you think it shows. Spin speed has EVERYTHING to do with read speeds. All that graph does is compare blu-ray's speed per multiplier vs minimum and maximum read speeds at 12X for DVD. I know where you got that graph from:

The first graph would do better in showing you speed differences. All he is saying is that DVD read speeds are variable (so you have a minimum and a maximum) whereas bluray drives are constant.

cmrbe3179d ago

Did having faster DVD drives stop those older DVD players from reading new DVD's?

Did it have any effect on DVD consumers?. You are not getting my point.

Sony could just include faster Blu-ray drives and it will benefit those that adopt blu-ray later like every other late adopters do in any tech. Same as those now getting better HD sets at a fraction of a price now compare to 3 years ago. That's tech for you. Components get better and cheaper in time. Same with MS and their revisions of their x360 chip.

However changing the component to a completely non forward compatiable component is a completely different story. If MS suddenly switch to blu-ray now it mean 37 million x360 out now will not be able to use blu-ray. This is a completely different story for Sony including a faster blu-ray drive in newer models. The current 33 million PS3 will still be able to read new Blu-ray disk. Not as fast as newer model but that is completely acceptable in tech.

Lord Vader3179d ago

One question = what BluRay PS3 exclusive is longer than Mass Effect 1 or 2 ?

BluRay is certainly better, as it is a larger storage medium, but the PS3's BluRay read speeds also cause the need for large mandatory installs for alot of games & data duplication on the game discs as well to compensate.

Shame M$ doesnt more fully support digital download & provide cheaper & larger HDD's...

But yes, BluRay is better. I just wish movies in particular would load faster & games didnt require ridiculos installs.

Godmars2903179d ago

Mandatory installs are hardly common on the PS3. Most of its caused by program inexperience with the system.

As for length, Demon's Souls probably qualifies.

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