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Game Developer Research today released their report "2009-2010 State of Game Development Survey." 800 developers were given 55 questions to answer on the state of the development industry. While there were increasing layoffs in the industry, there was a rise of smaller independent studios, as evidenced by a seven percent growth of developers employing 50 or fewer employees and a two percent slide in companies with 500 people or more.

On the mobile side of things, development increased 25 percent compared to 12 percent last year. Nearly 75 percent are supporting iPhone and iPod Touch, which is more than double those working on DS and PSP titles.

PC is still a popular platform for a wide variety of developers, with over 70 percent of developers reporting working on at least one PC title (which includes online only and social games). 41 percent of developers are working on games for consoles, with 69 percent working on Xbox 360 and 61 working on PS3; roughly equivalent to last year. Wii development, however, dropped from 42 percent last year to just 30 percent this year.

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ChickeyCantor3174d ago

Flash CS5 will support Iphone development.
That scares me.

vhero3174d ago

I prefer that devs support Iphone than Wii as although the games are stupidly cheap to develop for on Wii they are terribly crap (except for the odd few 3rd party and all the first party.) and probably don't make the devs much anyway. Iphone development means less time making crappy games to fill up the Wii and probably more profits.

tunaks13173d ago

less shovel ware the better, let Ubisoft put Imagine Babez on the iPhone and leave the Wii.