Bungie Planning One Last Hoorah For Halo 2

Bungie will be celebrating Halo 2 one last time on April 14th, the day before Xbox LIVE for the original Xbox will be shutting down for good. The studio is planning a rally for fans to battle it out one last time.

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Elven63177d ago (Edited 3177d ago )

Microsoft should separate the different console services better or else we will have to go through these closures every console generation!

For those Xbox gamers who will miss Halo 2 too much, the PC version supports a game pad and runs Xbox Live. :P

BeaArthur3177d ago

I think they are closing them to try and force those that still use the service to upgrade to a 360.

Monchichi0253177d ago

I must say once Halo 2 servers are closed, it will be sorely missed!!! I don't believe any other disk has ever played in any of my systems as much as Halo 2 did!!! Oh, what GREAT memories!!

Saaking3177d ago

I still think they shouldn't do this, but oh well. You can still get a much better experience on the PC and most current PCs can run Halo 2 easy. It won't be dying anytime soon.

Montrealien3177d ago

It is not only MS, Sony does this also, its normal. I still miss my Frequency and Amplitude servers....


IdleLeeSiuLung3177d ago

I wish MS would continue to support the Xbox Originals on Xbox Live, if anything just to re-enforce their commitment to the service.

Anyhow, I guess they supported into 4 years or almost half the Xbox 360 life cycle. Kind of surprised they didn't shutter sooner.

D4RkNIKON3177d ago

So if I am understanding this correctly.. MS is shutting down the entire xbox live service for the original xbox, not just Halo 2? Good thing the Sony still supports the PS2. The original xbox probably had the shortest lifespan of all consoles in the last few generations.

JasonPC360PS3Wii3177d ago

MS stopped support for the Xbox 5 years ago and continued to support Live 5yrs later. Time to upgrade and if you really need to play Xbox games there is free software that lets anyone play. As for the PS3 fanboys which make of 95% of this Xbox/Bungie news... how about those servers Sony shuts down when they get to be 3yrs old?


This is so retarded!
I still play online or custom games with my friends which are so fun!

Specially on Lockout, Turf or Zanzibar

Im so going to miss playing this game

NaiNaiNai3177d ago

why doesn't everyone just switch over to XBOX CONNECT.

its a great service, me and a bunch of friends used it back then. you just play against people via system link over the internet.

works just like XBL, but its free, you get to pick your servers control game types, set max players, allow hackers or ban them instantly.

its well worth it. :D

NaiNaiNai3177d ago


what servers are still up on the ps2.

last I checked monster hunter was shutdown, phantasy star is being shutdown, MGS3 was shut down 1 month over a year. *trust me I was pissed about that.* Toca motor sports was shutdown.

really there isn't much left. majority of sports games are down, and if there is anything left. I highly dought it has more then a 10 player user base.

Minimox163177d ago

Why they had to close the original Xbox live =(

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Cant believe this is going to happen.

Halo 2 is my favorite online shooter.

Watery eyes as i read this article.

Bnet3433177d ago

I still remember picking this game up on day one. I was a freshmen in high school and I rushed to the mall to get it. In my opinion this was the pinnacle of console online gaming with the introduction of matchmaking and playlists and leveling up, etc. Very nice, I'm plan on getting on this game online for one last time.

Baka-akaB3177d ago

isnt halo 2 still running as a game on demand for 360 ? I havent connected the cnsole in a while , but it think i remember see it there (or was it halo ce ?)

Bnet3433177d ago

Halo CE. Halo 2 never made it to Games on Demand.

Eiffel3176d ago (Edited 3176d ago )

Halo 2 no, But Halo: CE is available as a downloadable Xbox Original.

DarkBlood3177d ago

could i possibly still play this online on my 360 if i find a copy?

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