MS "not done" with 360 backwards compatibility

Marketing team blog starts up damage control efforts after company VP casts doubt on future of program.

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OutLaw5836d ago (Edited 5836d ago )

I read this same article yesterday. I guess it was just a slip of the tongue from MS. But at least they corrected their mistake. So I hope the 12 more games they add on the list is worth the update.

Now I am wondering what happen to that big Spring update they promise us yesterday. It didn't happen.

schnodder5836d ago

I think B/C is very important. Nice to hear that they don't give up.

ssj045836d ago


"i don't buy a next-gen system to play my last-gen games - except halo 1+2"

Now you flip your word "I think B/C is very important"

Sad sad M$ fanboys... ahhaha all you soo sad... hahaha

Wiat till Clify B come out and said Oh we have decided to port Gear of War to PS3 also.

You dont have to guess what the 360 fans are all going to say...

"who care, the game isn't that good anyways... Halo 3 is 100x better" LOL ahhaha

I know is a sad sigh when the truth come out...

Ok im done ... but one more time... ROFL... ahha

TheMART5836d ago

At least it is not the case that you are frustrated that Killzone 2 is never to be seen again after last year's E3 CGI footage and Gears of War rocks big time.

And no, believe me, MS has paid Epic so much money that it won't come to any other console then the 360.

But hey, Sony/PS just lost their biggest exclusive franchise ever, GTA4 first on 360 ow that must have hurt I understand your reaction now.

Not to forget the new king that's the only game worth playing probably on the PS3 right now: Assassin's Creed will be on 360 also. It even played on a 360 on the E3. You Sony fanboys are funny guys

shoota335835d ago

why do xbox fanboys still believe gta 4 is coming out before the ps3 version they are coming out the same day in october 2007 and for the last time assasins creed is not coming to the 360 but i know how much you want it.

darktangent5836d ago

I thought M$ would have had a better strategy for B/c. I was expecting that they would keep pumping games out on the original xbox and have them be able to play on the 360 and be able to play on xbox live like many people on the original xbox playing against 360 owners in Halo 2. I think its the game publishers fault. Many have abandoned the last gen systems. Every game that I play that is b/c has been on the list from early on: halo 2, KOTOR, San Andreas, and some others not worth listing. So I say drop b/c because most games that are not 360 exclusives are cross platform titles. I think that they are scared people will just by the cheaper and perhaps more limited version for the old xbox and play it on the 360 and save money. Thats why we do not see madden on the list.

MissAubrey5836d ago

because I had to sell my xbox to get a 360 and I got like 30 games and maybe 10 work on a 360.

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The story is too old to be commented.