SCEA Clarifies The " 380 Games" Claim

Kaz's Of 380 games sounded unclear. That's because he was speaking about total worldwide numbers. Turns out the US isn't going to be getting 380 games, you'll only be getting around 145. Click link to Read More!

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Blankman4139d ago

that was pretty much expected. didnt believe that 380 games crap for a second. But considering the ps3 game drought i am experiencing right now 50 games would do fine. 145 a lot nicer though. So far i want MGS4, Winnin eleven, GT5, Ratchet and Clank, Haze, Heavenly Sword, Killzone, Burnout Dominator, ninja gaiden, uncharted, Lair and am sure there are so many more on my list. Then darkness jst hit 9.0 on 1up. While 1up ratings usually suck if it gets similar ratings on ign and gamespot thats a definete buy or maybe rental. jst soo many games. But thats way back in august

cuco334139d ago

this, ladies and gents, is how u create hype. so freakin tired of it from the sony camp. to a normal person 380 games means 380 games. when breaking it down, it's not so much

but glad to hear the ps3 camp will be getting more games then planned. sadly most won't be exclusives but at least their games

ShiftyLookingCow4139d ago

Everything on the xbox360 is better! Yeeh.. i have no life but to bash the PS3. My girlfriend left me for the PS3! Thats why i make love to my 360! I don't talk with reason! I do not appricaite games, just the 360!

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Nicosia4139d ago


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Lord Anubis4139d ago

This is kind of old. It was stated in the original site. That's why you always must link to the main source. I'll approve incase anyone didn't know or hadn't figured out by now.

Rybnik4139d ago

I didn't know either. This should be approved

Rythrine4139d ago

Just what Blankman said, that 380 games till march is BS in every way you look at it. I'm glad Kaz cleared this off because for a minute there, I was worried where am I gonna get the money to afford at least half of those 380 games lolz. Thanks Kaz.

TaylorB4139d ago

Was there anyone out there who believed that the 380 titles would all be coming to the US? It was obviously a worldwide statement. Still, PS3 games are not currently region locked, so realistically, besides the PSN games, every retail game is still available.

Phantom_Lee4139d ago

heck, u can even make a Japan account for PSN titles

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The story is too old to be commented.