Top Ten Poops in Gaming

Gamervision says, "A wise man once said, "everybody poops," and we couldn't agree more. It's an important thing that we do that still, for whatever reason, is amusing, and we at Gamervision feel that the gaming industry hasn't really embraced the bodily function as much as it should. Some games, however, have, and we have listed them below. Here it is, folks, the day you've all been waiting for: Top Ten Poops in Gaming. Bon appetit!

6. Blog This Poop (Gay Tony)

Blog This... was likely the silliest mission in all of Gay Tony, and it involved throwing a blogger out of a helicopter. It wasn't any regular blogger, mind you, but a Perez Hilton parody, which made it all the more rewarding. After saving the sniveling fool, he crawls away, limping, and completely covered with his own fecal matter. Yes, he pooped himself, and that made us laugh."

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JOLLY13180d ago

I like when you go the wrong way in trials hd and poop lands on you... That is hilarious!