Sega NYC Media Day: Resonance of Fate Impressions

DualShockers writes: "One title that made an appearance at Sega's recent media-only event was one that is probably under the radar of many gamers out there. Resonance of Fate or End of Eternity as it's known in its home country of Japan, is a role-playing game created by developers Tri-Ace. The game marks the very first time that the developers venture away from their normal publisher in SquareEnix and place their title in the hands of Sega."

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whitbyfox3272d ago

It's pretty good, the combat seems like a fresh idea, even though I barely knew what I was doing.

Raoh3272d ago

same here, i'm actually looking forward to seeing how good the rest of the game is.

although i will have to find out for myself. american reviews for jrpg's are usually a little off..

VileAndVicious3272d ago

It was fresh and new (especially since I dont know japanese) I will actually be picking this up over Final Fantasy at launch, which just aint doing it for me.

Chadness3272d ago

I'm looking forward to this one!

Tomarcus3272d ago

Same, especially after getting some more info on this game.

Hitman07693272d ago

This game came kind of under the radar and took me by surprise. Probably because there are so many RPG's this year for PS3. Now that it's on my radar I'm desperately trying to locate 60 extra dollars in my mattress. Has anyone seen my roll of quarters!?!?

Hitman07693272d ago

Looks to be a great game FF13 Will Massacre In Sales xD ~~~

taz80803272d ago

An RPG based soley on guns is pretty cool. ALso the way to level is interesting as it is based purely on your gun skills.