Debate: Xbox 360 Failure Rate

GWN writers discuss the ongoing Xbox 360 reliability issue, the infamous X-clamp, and what should be done to fix the problem in their latest group debate feature article.

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Lord Anubis4137d ago

The commoner is not aware of the issues, they will continue to buy the system. If this is taken to mainstream media (TV) it would get fairly ugly.

marionz4137d ago

ninamyres is a tard and only posts flaimbait
i nor any of my friends have ever had a problem, im not saying one doesnt exist but if you keep the system cool and VENTILATED then there is no reason for this to happen
i dont believe the failure rate is as high as sony fans would have us all believe and how is it they have all the inside info on how bad things are?
if i have a problem then i will just use insurance to get a replacement i would never bother with sending for repairs, but i havnt had a problem, and dont expect i will any time soon

these storys are getting really old! ninamyres stop spaming this site with your flaimbait!

Adriokor4137d ago

Sony fanboy worldwide network strikes yet again lol

tonsoffun4137d ago

This article is not flamebait- there is a widespread systematic problem with the 360 system. There is no spin on that. If the failure rate is around 30% then there has to be something done about it. AND it shoul not cost the owners of the system, regardless of how long they have had the 360 for.

While I am one of the lucky ones - my 360 had only froze a few times and I have never had any other problems (touch wood). There is however many, many people that have had to return multiple consoles for repair.

This is unnacceptable for any product.

Charlie26884137d ago

according to marionz we all 360 owners should enter a state of denial about of dead 360s...

what about mine that died 4 months after I bought it and didnt play it much and was kept in a VERY well ventilated area? what is your excuse with mine?

why did MS added the extra heatsink? cuz they woke up one day and simply decided it would look cool? or maybe it was the pressure that the high rate of fail is getting to the public?

mr. "the thousands of dead 360 stories are made up by PS3 fanboys and lets all be on denial"

and dont worry your 360 is gonna died one of these days if it hasn't died yet but you wont admit it...which is more probable

tatical4137d ago

I got my 360 one month after launch and its been working *flawlessly*, no crashes, red rings or anything... until recently. It sits on my dresser vertical next to my PS3 that I "tried to sell" (10 inches apart & don't use both at the same time). Plenty of breathing room & no sunlight/sources of heat for the longest time.

About three weeks ago while playing Gears of War, the video went out, not the sound (I could hear my self walking & shooting) or anything else, just the video. Powered it off, 10 seconds later, power on and everything's OK. This morning PacMan C.E., yes PACMAN, glitched-up big time: some scrambled video, odd colors, video signal cycled in and out (2 seconds off, 4 seconds on). Needless to say, I turned that sucker off.

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sonarus4137d ago

hahaha i like the way the only guy that dosent think the failure rate is too high says he dosent think so considering we expect games to be small and quiet too but in reality the xbox is none of those things and it still fails.

kornbeaner4137d ago

buy a refurb it will probley last you longer.

WafflesID4137d ago

OK FINALLY an intelligent discussion about the issue.

Can't we stop now? This is really all you need to read. Everything else has been fanboy-spew BS.

This has some genuine valuable information.

Good job.

Close_Second4137d ago show how big you are and leave this forum to Xbox 360 owners only. We all know the 360 has not been without problems so we don't need any of you chiming in with your flamebait.

toughNAME4137d ago

wait till Bill Gates comes along...
(roll eyes)

kornbeaner4137d ago

if the same can be done on a PS3 article.

Not a PS3 fanboy but at present time that is the only next-gen system I own. So I would like to discuss it with anybody unless their gonna just flame all thread long, TheMart, POG, Bloodmask and others.

SKullDugger4137d ago (Edited 4137d ago )

I use to own a 360 after 3 failures I said no more. I now own a PS3 Ican play this system without fear of failure no more damn noise, you need to face facts the 360 has serious issues and MS has done nothing for the consumer to fix this problem instead they keep taking the money of hard working people and in return the consumer gets a game console for the price of $399.99 and high probabilty that it will fail, these are the facts.

ImWithStupid4136d ago

like PoG,The Mart,JasonGx1 and a few others that have gained infamy with the level of 360faboyism they have showed stop saying utterly ridiculous crap like "the ps3 is a paperweight", "it can't match the 360"....yada yada yada only to have stories like these pop up, EXPECT to get flamed like a charcoal briquet. I see more xbots here spewing nonsense here than anyone else yet they are always the first ones to cry foul.

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